Fitness Friday

Work Out Clothes

I personally refuse to spend a ton on workout clothes. I also am simple – if I like it I buy like every color and I don’t stray. So I know this list is short but these are my classics I wear literally everyday. The idea is to work out and be comfortable while doing it! Plus I work out at home so even more the reason not to go crazy spending a lot . Most times ill pick up something at TJ MAxx or Marshalls. Ok I’ll shut up and get to the clothes !!!


I ADORE these leggings !!! Hands down my fave . They do run small , so size up, I wear a medium. They are like butter. Oh they aren’t very warm at all which I like but someone else might not. I only use them for indoor use so what do I care .. haha ($ 26 on sale )

Now these have a little more weight to them , the aerie ones are very lightweight , these are as well BUT have a little more to them. They are apparently a Lululemon dupe. Also high wasted, has pockets on side if you prefer that. I also love that they really smooth out the look of your legs too, making you look like you have nice shapely legs, even if you dont haha. ($25)

I love this crop top tank … it’s not crop top where your stomach shows .. that’s a big no no for me . This one is breezy and lightweight . I love it . I wear a medium only because small was sold out haha but I should have gotten a small. So true to size . ($13)

Now when you click on this shirt a short white crop top may appear do not buy that one obvi .. scroll over and get the black. NOW I usually don’t like the long tanks so this one i tie in a knot and it’s perfect ! ($30 )

I know this is a classic but I love this sports bra. I am also -how do I put this – umm not large in the chest department. So for small boobs it works great. Regardless of chest size I do know these Nike ones don’t let anything move .. not even an inch ! So if you want compression this is your bra. ($30)


Salon Sunday product review

Evo Shebang-A-Bang

Click image to order or call your local salon and see if they carry it !

Wow. This one is a gem! It’s a dry spray wax, build able so you can keep spraying and it will just keep getting better. Most spray waxes if you put too much it’s not a good thing. This product is perfect when creating those beach waves and you just need to break up the waves or it needs some texture. PERFECT for short pixie cuts … you will be like where has this been my whole life. Longer styles that just need some texture after blowing it out, spray a light amount and it will just break up your hair and give it some piecey-ness ( I made up that word). All in all buy it you will LOVE IT. It’s been a favorite of mine and many clients of mine for years now . Also side note … product will last you forever so trust me it’s worth every penny!


New Year Same You

Sometimes the New Year can be so nice. A fresh start after all the cookies, booze, junk food -over indulging at its finest. Everyone is ready to change to be the “new” them, the skinnier version of themselves, the more organized, the more present version of themselves. I ask, “What is wrong with the current version of you?” Wanting to change ad making goals for yourself is awesome, trust me i do it every year, well every month honestly. The problem lies when we beat ourselves up for not living up to this “goal” or “image” you envisioned for yourself. Listen this is YOU, you are learning and you may seem like you failed or didn’t keep up with the latest diet you tried, but you didn’t. You TRIED! These are all baby steps in the walk of life, and many years i blew off baby steps i was like who cares that i did ‘that’ I should have done ‘This’. Well no, we have it all wrong. No one ever woke up one morning and said hey i would love to be 60 pounds lighter today and did it that day , they took small steps everyday of their life to make a change. One baby step after another till yes one did they woke up and to their surprise they did indeed loose that 60 pounds ( or whatever your goal may be) Now no one will applaud you for your baby steps everyday. We only get the attention when we get to the end result – “Oh wow you look fantastic” etc. The only person you can rely on everyday to be your best cheerleader and supporter is YOU. YOU are all you got. So please i beg of you, love yourself today and tell yourself daily how good of a job YOU are doing, and for the love of God STOP beating yourself up everyday of your life! Instead of a making a list of gyms you should sign up for – i made a list of some things i do daily to stop the self abuse and self negative talk and self sabotage.

A few New Years Resolutions you should give a try.

1. Stop saying the word SHOULD.

I heard this years ago and i was blown away. Saying I should do this or i should do that leaves you with nothing but anxiety and despair. It’s a downward spiral from there. “I should have exercised and I didn’t now I’m gonna be a fat slob, and ill never meet a partner, and ill never have kids and ill die alone “ See! Just an example of how it will just get you no where. It wont help you in any way! Say to yourself, I’m doing exactly what i am supposed to be doing at this every point in my life and will exercise the next opportunity i get. Our minds play the worst tricks of all on us.

2. Comparing yourself to others

God. Literally this is my life. Huge eye roll here. There we sit happy as can be thinking we look great and we worked so hard for it and BAM we see someone or go on social media and see someone who “looks so much better then us” and we begin the self hatred. It’s Horrible!!! Why do we do it. Why aren’t we good enough. Well guess what you are, and so am i. We just made up these guidelines in our head of what looks good and we never seem to be on that list. It’s insanity! Here is a little tidbit i recently read in a book. Years ago when bigger curvy models were in, people looked only at the models and their bodies, because they were curvy and buxom, that no one was looking at the clothes! So marketing companies decided to start using extremely thin (no boobs no curves)models so that people would look at the clothing they were trying to sell rather then the model! Interesting huh. If you find yourself getting caught up in the bull shit of comparing, remember, they shit like the rest of us. No I’m just kidding.. haha. You need to either step away from phone or simply say wow she looks good and leave it at that. Don’t go down the slippery slope of self hatred. Trust been there 1 zillion times – and probably a zillion more but now I’m aware and I’m working on it. Easier said then done, but know your not alone.

3. Compliment other Women or Men

Jesus for the love of God can we please swallow our pride and if you like something on another woman just go tell her! Every woman on this planet is self conscious, so if you think she’s beautiful friggin walk up to her and tell her!! If you like her outfit, tell her. If she looks good in her swimsuit tell her! No one would ever be mad if your giving them a genuine compliment. I do it all the time (only if i mean it) and its always well received. It has happened to me in the reverse- i have thought god i look awful in this and someone will say how good it looks and you feel so much better about yourself. So knock off the bull shit and share your comments with other women!

4. Exercise Daily

Sorry if your not into this one but get the hell up and do something everyday. I have been exercising for the last 17 years and i cannot imagine it not being a part of my life. I could go on for days how exercising has changed my entire life, but ill make it brief. First, i need to tell you, find something YOU like, not the latest and greatest studio, what feels good to YOU. Wether it be just walking – perfect then thats what you do. Do not dare feel like anything you do isn’t good enough. You do you, you have to like it, if you don’t you’ll never keep up with it. Try different studios if your just starting out to see what you like. Whatever you do don’t give up, remember baby steps add up and one day you’ll have one huge step accomplished! Exercise makes me a better person in so many ways which therefore I’m always happier, never tired, have better relationships with others because I’m more positive because of my workouts. There is way more to it – but i said I would keep it brief and I didn’t. Ok Last point I almost forgot … anxiety sufferers, exercise is a amazing for that. Over time your anxiety can become a distant memory. (I am referring to your everyday anxiety, not extreme cases) That i always recommend seeing someone first, then incorporating exercise, but listen I’m no M.D. I’m just a hairdresser with some good ideas.

5. Stop Dieting

HA! I know everyone is probably like “hahahahaha” GOOD ONE! On this one, but seriously lets get real for one minute. Any diet you ever did are you STILL doing it? Can you see yourself doing it till the day you die. Listen the answer is no, you don’t even need to say it. Imagine yourself at 80 … “is that Keto friendly ?” Aint happenin. So my advise to you is to become educated on food, and live a balanced lifestyle. That’s something you can and will continue to do for the rest of your life. ( if you choose to ) Then there is no falling off the wagon, because you were never on a wagon! You can eat whatever you want in life, food is here for you it’s not your enemy, against popular belief. I eat whatever i want, now am i eating cheesesteaks for lunch everyday no, but i will if the situation presents itself and if i even WANT that. Once you stop depriving yourself you’ll be able to say nah I’m not in the mood for that today and shockingly to even my surprise you’ll start to want to fuel your body with healthier choices. Back to number 4 – when you exercise you’ll also WANT to eat healthier. It’s a domino effect.

6. Stop Negative talk about yourself and others

What you give out you get back. If you keep wondering why your life is full of negativity perhaps you need to really open your eyes to your own everyday talk about yourself and or about others. Now listen i am so guilty of this don’t get me wrong, but next time you want to maybe send a text “ oh so and so is sooo annoying” Just delete it. Where is it going to get you, no where. Like your mother once said “ if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all” Well ladies as we all know and found out the hard way .. Our mothers were always right! Ha! Well not always. Anyway I’m truly guilty of this and i do work on it daily. Also think of how you treat people day to day, the man who gives you your coffee, the cashier, etc. Are you always treating them with the respect they deserve? Just food for thought… think about it.

7. Try saying NO

This one is so hard for me. I am a people pleaser. Always wanting to help people which is a good thing and sometimes not so good. My mother once said to me “ Jo we are put on this earth to help people” While agree with that whole heartedly, there is also a time for you to say no. I now try to say to people” can i get back to you?“ That gives me time to think , do I BILLI JO really want to do this? Will it make my life harder, how will this effect ME or my family by saying yes. Sometimes you just need a minute to think it over. You don’t HAVE to say yes to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that asks you for a favor. ( I had to add the Tom dick and Harry line in – my mother uses that expression ALL the time) So think it over before you spread yourself to thin, and see how good it feels to say no. Yes we are here on earth to help others but we are not here to be Martyrs either.

So listen moral of the long story is you are amazing exactly the way YOU are. STOP trying to fit in a box of what you think society wants you to be like, just be yourself! STOP letting some stranger in a magazine make you feel less superior or some chic on instagram. STOP thinking horrible things about yourself, talk to yourself you would a stranger for one day and you’ll be shocked at how bad you usually talk to yourself. For fu**Ks sake be kind other women!!! Hate to break it to all of you WE ARE EQUAL. No one is better then you and trust me no one is beneath you, no looks or all the money in the world can make someone better the YOU. So stop the bullshit, tell yourself today I LOVE. YOU, exactly as you are. If there is something you want to change well shut the hell up and change it for Christ’s sake, and stop bitching about it. ( Too harsh ??) You get one ride on this rollercoaster of life make it your best. Hold your head up high, have confidence ( even if you have to fake it at first) treat other people with respect, that means EVERYONE, and enjoy this gift of life.

Here’s to a NEW YEAR and the same glorious, beautiful, unique YOU!

*Disclaimer: I am not perfect. I know, i know , your all thinking oh my god yes you are Billi-Jo , but I’m here to inform you that indeed i am not. So that being said i do all of these above suggestions most days and some days go to shit and i don’t do any of them. I am now just aware “ hey today aint the day” and i pick up the next day my best foot forward and leave yesterday in the past. Don’t give up. Love you all, and I want nothing more then the best for you. Best of luck on your new journey of life this New Year.


Teen Boy Gift Guide 2019

This one was much requested! This one was a tough one, lets face it guys can be tough to shop for. Girls have so much “stuff” you can buy them, make up, hair, accessories, boys dont have any of that. I correct myself, i did put some hair stuff for boys on here, so thats a good stocking stuffer. Naturally I didn’t put some things like sports equipment because thats very personal to each kid. So if you even just get a few ideas from this list i hope it helps. Good luck!

Click Image to order AirPods

Every kid wants air pods so i guess buck up and get them. Sorry, BUT For those of you who refuse, i included Dupes for you! Now the only thing is the dupes i had are no longer available. A blogger recommended these, so I personally can not vouch for them. They had great reviews.

Click on Image to order AirPod Dupe

Here is the Dupe that has gotten tons of great reviews. So here is my opinion. Over 13- 14 get the real ones any age under that get fake. Boys are reckless. They would loose their head if it wasn’t attached, no offense boys, i have three i know how they operate. They might leave them on the bus and say bye bye to 150 bucks. So for younger boys get the fake ones until they have the maturity to really take care of their stuff. My son is 18 I’m still waiting for that moment…. any day now.

Click image to order AirPod Case (cutest thing i ever saw)

Are these cases the cutest thing you ever saw or what?! Love them! They are only $12 so they make a good stocking stuffer.

Click to order Nike AirPod Case
Click image to order Faux Supreme Sweatshirt

Found this on etsy. I got in with in a week the seller was so nice. Great quality. Order fast because it is coming from London, so I wouldnt chance it waiting too close to Christmas.

Click to order Ethika Underware

Listen i know for one pair of undies these are a little pricey ($15-$25) BUT its all my kids will wear. You know the old expression “Champagne taste with a beer wallet “ well thats us. My son who is 18, who you will never see because he wouldnt be caught dead with me at this stage of life, only wears these, same with my younger two 9 and 7. They are all the rage amongst the boys so just buck up and at least buy ONE pair. They have a million sale options, but be sure to get the polyester ones, the all cotton ones are different and not preferred in my house – of course because they are less expensive !!! Figures! Last note on these they also can double as a rash guard in the summer. BONUS!

Click Image to Order North Face Beanie

I just love these beanies. They are not cheesy, just classic beanie. Both come in like 30 zillion color options so trust me you’ll find one. North Face is $26 Carhartt is $15. Literally pick one and order it , they always need these but don’t always ask for it. Perfect stocking stuffer too.

Click Image To Order Carhartt Beanie
Click on Sweatshirt to order

So literally i went through my “Amazon Orders” and am putting up all the stuff my son personally ordered. I mean guys you wanted teen gift guide well I’m hand delivering to you what a Teen Actually purchased haha . No for real last night he had this on and i was like HUMM i love that it’s going on the teen boy gift guide !

Click Sweatshirt to order

Ok here is yet another top i found in my past orders that he got. Another classic i actually want this for myself or my little boys, ill have to see if it comes in kids. $50 i know a lot for sweatshirt but name brand is what kids want, do I approve, no , but it’s Christmas just buy the damn thing – haha!

Stuff for their Bedroom

Click Image to order Lack Shelf

I know this may seem a weird gift but if you have a shoe lover boy like i do, these are awesome. I got them in a while back and it was the best decision i ever made and he just loved them, and honestly it makes the room look good. Boys never have anything you can put on their walls so this fills a huge space. Maybe start with just two units. You can also just stand them up you don’t HAVE to drill them into the wall. Trust me these are great.

Click image to order Rainbow Flips

Might as well get these now, they will need them for the summer! Then when summer comes they aren’t asking you for the money to get them, make them a gift now! I always like getting summer stuff for Christmas because you can get them what they want but as a gift. Did I really just explain how gift giving works !??! I’m nuts . Anyway you cant go wrong with these classics.

Click on image to order Voice Changer

A friend of mine mentioned that she saw a voice changer in a store and thought maybe it would be a cute Christmas idea. Well i did some lookin around and found this one on amazon for $17. Multiple different voices, you can add background music to your voice, and can hook up to your phone. Its just a fun gift. Maybe now is a good time to admit i ordered it but more for me then the kids, little do they know ill be playing with it all day Christmas morning … stay tuned for some videos of that. Haha

Click image to order Ceiling basketball hoop

Just something different then the usual, this is kinda cool ! $25 fun little add on gift for literally any age.

Click image to order gift set

I love a variety set as a gift. That way they can try all the different ones and see which they prefer. Also a great intro for boys who haven’t used cologne before.

Click image to order Body Spray

I absolutely love this option, for boys who are just getting to that age they want to start “caring” what they look like and smell like. Also because its a quarter of the price of cologne ($24). Also if your kid smells like BO and you need to remedy it this is a subtle way of doing so.. haha. I like the blue one the best but it also comes in other colors/scents as well.

Click image to order Reuzel hair gel

I love this gel, i use it on guys all the time in the salon, we sell a ton of it. Never flakes doesn’t have that super “gelled” look. Just an all around basic gel. Cant go wrong with this stocking stuffer. ($12 )

*You should always get salon hair products at an authorized salon. Both products are available for sale at Gravity Hair Salon. If you cant find one that carries it i provided amazon link.*

Click image to order Reuzel Pomade

Another big seller, that i also love. This is a pomade but not your typical hard to work into the hair pomade. This one works nicely into the hair and easy to manipulate and then your left with a nice hold and a matte finish. Great product for thicker hair that you need a little more hold, or if your son just prefers a pomade. ($19 )

Click image to order UA 64oz. Water bottle

We also have this and love it because of the obvious- they will never run out of water during a game. Especially for tournaments, those brutal long days.

Click on Duffel to order

This is the perfect duffel for a young boy, for overnight trips and/or after school sports. It comes in two sixes x-small and small. So if you only need it for sports I’m sure x-small could do the trick. $35-$45 price point which is great for an Under Armour duffel. Just a good thing to have.

Click image to order Portable Charger

Seriously every single kid needs one of these. We all know the HORROR of a child’s worst nightmare, their phone dying!!!! Horrible. So get them this. They will always have a charger in their school backpack. Perfect gift for anyone honestly – this made the cut ALL my Gift lists for every sex or age. ($25-$35)

Click Image to order Car Charger for Iphone

Another great stocking stuffer for the driver in the house. Always good just to have even if they stick it in their glove compartment they should just have it to be safe so they never run out of a charge – heaven forbid!

Click to order Halo Bolt

Calling new drivers!!! Man this one is SO cool. You can not only charge any devise you have you can also plug something into it and have power for 16 hours. Best part which is why my mom got it for my son, is that you can literally jump your car battery with it with out having some one else there!! I love it just to have for your whole household. Image needing a jump and not having to rely on anyone else. Or power goes out and you can plug a light into this and have light for a few hours. Its awesome it really is. Its also pricey ($110) but for a new driver having that piece of mind i feel like its a great gift. Also like i said its a phone charger as well so need to buy that charger, see that saves you a couple bucks!

Click image to order charging station

This is so popular this season, i think i put it on every guilt guide i did. This particular one is super sleek and classy looking. It also is a fast speed charger which i personally love. This unit is available in three colors and on sale for $25,

Click image to order Charging station

Now this one i feel like i would get a lot more use out of, beings that i have an Apple Watch. I would to be able to charge everything in one unit and maybe even another phone in my house. Great for boys who share a room they can both put their phones on it before bed. Excellent gift at $27 dollars!

Click on Speaker to order

I feel like every single teen asked for this speaker this year. My son has it as well. I like this smaller portable option, BUT a lot of the colors are back ordered at this point. Try and get one before it’s too late!

Found this cool case for it for only $9!

Here is the larger option , also water proof! This is a little more expensive but perhaps they would prefer the larger speaker and this one isn’t sold out. SO pick your poison . Haha

Neat travel case for this model as well. Only $12, and i like that the cords fit in both travel cases as well so you don’t loose them!

Click image to order Nike Tech Fleece Jogger

Here’s another one my son ordered and loved. I just happen to catch the price…ouch . A little pricey for me but they are all the rage and honestly most sizes are sold out. Also yikes. I provided link so you can have it and at least maybe it can redirect you to other pairs that are similar that might have your size. Very popular pant. HOT TIP : if your son is on smaller side maybe try these in BOYS , then they might be cheaper and available in your preferred size.

Click Image to order

Of course every boy wants these. I personally love them myself and of course my son, once again, has these.

Click image to order chin up bar

My son ( and I ) use our chin up bar all the time. Classic one goes over door then you can take it down when not in use. We love it. One of the best exercises for you. Perfect for a teen boys room.

Click image to order punching bag

Another thing we have in my basement and my son uses all the time. If not this consider getting them maybe some weights, just a few things to get them started. Most athletes have gyms at their schools but i always like to have at home equipment as well.

Click on book to order

Now i know this is a little young for most boys that are “teens” but if your reading this and have a 13 year old and he has younger siblings i feel like this could be cute. Boys usually love this nonsense, bathroom humor. Just a cute stocking stuffer i figured i would add.

Click image to order bedroom door sign

Just another funny little gag gift. $12


Cute Little Girl Gift Idea

Tired of looking at all those bows and clips laying around, well look no further! i found a solution for you. Not only is this a great decoration piece for their room it will also keep all their hair stuff on display so they can choose which one they want every morning and will never fight with you again – YEAH RIGHT!!! Impossible for children to ever do that – insert huge eye roll here. None the less its super cute, and best of all super affordable at $13 !!! Comes with TEN bows included – another win for this product.


White Elephant Gift Ideas

How hard is it to find a unisex gift?! Very! So i took the guess work out of it for you. I composed a list of a few ideas I think would be cool for both men and women, adults and kids. Now keep an open mind, some of the ideas are small in price so you would make a theme out of it. For example i found water proof playing cards, perfect for the beach, so you could add beach towels, towel clips, a beer can hider, you name it, and make a beach theme gift! Pretty much everything is under $25. Good luck and i hope you get some good ideas.

Click image to order Yeti Beer cooler

Add a case of beer to this and your set!

Here is another funny cute way to hide your beer at the beach!

Click to order Coffee Mug

Add some Teas and maybe a bag of coffee to this and your set. Of course a Dunkin or Starbucks gift card would be perfect too. This mug is only $15 so then you can spend some extra on a gift card.

Click to order my all time fave Water bottle

I have this, and husband does as well and neither one of us can live with out it. When i asked him if he was in a general Pollyanna what would he want he said my water bottle. SO there you have it!

Click to order Smaller portable charger $15
Click to order portable charger $25

Who couldn’t use these. They are a life saver! I provided two sizes and price points depending on your party specifics you decide what works better for you.

Click to order worlds smallest Speaker

I mean i cant. How cute is this speaker? I have a teeny tiny speaker, and wow does it put out some noise! You’ll be shocked how loud these little guys are. They are also a cute conversation piece. $15.

Click to order charging Pad

How awesome is this. Go to bed charging all your stuff in one shot. $27, great for anyone!

Click to order Bluetooth Microphone

Well obviously i had to include this. My favorite gift ever! It’s a little more at $32. But i think well worth the little extra!

Click image to order Funny oven mit

Couldn’t ya die , i love this hahaha !!!! Perfect to add some stuff to grill, or cooking utensils to complete the gift. They are tons of different options of funny sayings , but of course i picked this one beings that its the most fitting. $12

Click image to order pistachio bowl

Such a unique gift! Pair with a big bag of pistachios and your set! ( Thanks Justin ! )

Click image to order Cherry Pitter

A cherry pitter ?! Sign me up! It also does six at a time, double whammy. Only $10 so add a Williams Sonoma, Trader Joe’s, Bed bath and beyond gift card to this and BAM done!!

Click to order Milk Frother

How nice would it be to have hot foam right at home! Froths your milk for your coffee and heats it up and is affordable ! Whoo-hoo … again add a bag of coffee or coffee gift card and your set! ($36)

Click to order Jelly of the Month Club Tee

How fun is this tee. Add these glasses to it for the ultimate National Lampoon Christmas gift !

Click on MUG to order

Love these !! So funny. Great gift.

Click image to order Home Alone tee shirt

Home Alone will always and forever be my favorite Christmas movie.

Click to order Home alone tee

Ok ok – This is it for the movie tee shirts i just thought they were funny so i added them. “Its my blog and ill post if i want to !!”

Click to order Waterproof Playing Cards

I’m totally getting these as stocking stuffers. Its intended for around the pool or beach but i just love them for everyday play! $5.

Click to order my personal Sonicare toothbrush

Seriously your teeth aren’t clean without this. Its the exact model i have and have been using for the last 18 years of my life, literally can not live with out it. $22 dollars of pure heaven. My husband and kids have the QUIP toothbrush and LOVE it , i personally think its a glorified battery powered toothbrush. This Sonicare is the way to go trust me , one thing i know is teeth.

How many times have you lost the remote, your keys, your purse, you name it! This is a key finder that comes with six “tabs” if you will. They can be placed on anything and when your screaming and cursing that your late for work where the beep are your keys you click a button and it dings them! Jackpot. I know my kids are always loosing the remotes so people tape them to the back of their remotes to locate them….um pure genius . $26.

Click image to order my pillow

Literally another item i can not live with out. I would say go with the medium fill size or firm. Can not tell you how much i love this! When i vacation i hate not having my My Pillow. Its the best!

Click to order Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror is awesome. It is super lightweight and has three different light settings and three different magnification mirrors as well. I Love this !!! Perfect if its an all girls white elephant party. $25


Gifts For Her

IKEA Throw Blanket – Click Image to Order

My FAVORITE throw blanket in my house. My Mom had this at her shore house and i just HAD to have one for myself. Wash and dries very nice as well. So so cozy, we all fight over it. It’s also not too hot so you can totally use it in warmer months as well. I love the cable knit/homemade look of it. Only downfall I can say is there are only three color options. This blue (which i own), Ivory, and Blush Pink. Wish it came in more colors. This makes a beautiful gift wrapped in pretty ribbon !!

Click Image to order Revlon Styler
Click Image to order Revlon Styler

I can not tell you how many times a day i hear from women how much they love this brush/ hairdryer in one. So what did we do at the salon?? We purchased one for ourselves to try! Verdict is out it is an AMAZING tool. Let me explain- it is a brush and blow dryer in one. So you only need to use tool not two to blow dry your hair. Now would i use it personally in the salon, no, as a stylist a brush and blow dryer is always my preferred method. What i will say is for the average person struggling using their blow dryer and brush combo, this is the perfect gift for you.

Note: I will say if your hair is very long it is probably not a good fit for you or the gift recipient. Extremely long hair just wont work with this. (Think hair down to stomach to give you an idea of how long i mean) Best for short, medium, and medium to long length only.

Click image to order Best Round Brush

These are hands down THE best round brush to blow dry your hair. I was skeptical at first because they are longer then the usual round brush BUT thats what makes it amazing ! Hair never gets stuck, it is larger so you can get a bigger section of hair done. Now here is the break down of what size brush you should get. So if you know someone who still likes the classic brush and blow dryer get them this or honestly get it for yourself !!

Short hair : (Above Chin) 1 3/8 “

Medium Hair: (shoulder length- few inches below shoulder) 2 1/8”

Long hair or very curly hair : 3 1/2”

Click image to order Rusk blow dryer (lightweight) $70

I get asked all the time for blow dryer recommendations. Honestly a good blow dryer will make all the difference in your hair trust me. One thing i will tell you is you do NOT need to spend $400 on a gimmicky blow dryer, thats just insane. Yes i have used that blow dryer and NO it is soooo not worth it at all so please don’t waste your time or money . Now back to this one… if you have normal hair and not insanely curly or thick or if your buying for a young girl this is perfect. Also good for any one with shoulder problems because its so lightweight! Or if your someone where your arms kill by the end of the blow dry this is for you. My friend Kristin at work recommends this to everyone so i went with her advice .. thank you Kristin!

Click image to order Bio Ionic Blow dryer $135

This blow dryer is my own personal blow dryer and I love it. get super hot but has adjustable heat settings. This one is better for thicker more trouble some hair. I use this daily in the salon as well, and love it. Excellent blow dryer for $135, worth every penny, literally does the exact same thing as any expensive blow does. Also ALWAYS use the concentrator that comes with your blow dryer do not throw those away. That protects your hair from the hot coils from touching directly on your hair thats very important. If you have hated every blow dryer in the past get this one. I also gifted this to my mom a few years back she loves it still to this day.

Click Image to order Hand Cream Set

What a nice set of hand creams for only $13! Even better i would break up the set give one to my Mom, a sister, or Aunt. Obviously I would give them something else as well, don’t worry! These come highly recommended from a good friend of mine, that i had to add them to the list.

Click image to Order THE BEST top coat

Hands down THE BEST clear top coat. I have gifted and recommended this to people and everyone of them always rave about it. What a nice treat for your mom. Get Mom a few Essie Gel Polish to go along with this, cotton balls, polish remover, nail file etc. What a cute little package for her to pamper herself.

Note: My personal all time favorite Essie polish color is Ballet Slippers. It’s a classic and will always be in style. It’s a pale classy light pink color.

Click to order Essie Ballet Slippers
Click image to order Lip Gloss Trio

This was also on my “Teen Girl” list but i have to say i just love these. Super inexpensive and you get three colors to try out. It includes my favorite color Creme Brûlée and Angel food. Any Mom would love these.

Tassi Hair Holder – Click Image to order

Check out this headband. This is perfect for at night after a long day of work and that dreaded “wash your face” insert huge eye roll here. Any who, this little gem will keep all your hair back off your face while washing your face. If you have bangs this is perfect for you to keep everything off your face. Get one for you and Mom. Also did I mention it’s only $9 bucks!

Click image to order Vitamin E. Oil

I cant tell you how much i love this stuff. I have been using it for almost a year now. My sister starting using it as well and she equally will now say “Jo i cant go without my Vitamin E. Oil”! Trust me it feels so good on your skin, and will not make you break out, I have acne prone skin and if i can say anything i have had less breakouts. If your skeptical get the small bottle to try or to gift. You only need a few drops, but a small bottle might only last yo about a month or so, if your using it morning and night like i do. Love this product so much.

Click to order vanity mirror with lights

You HAVE to check this one out. Might not look like much from the picture, but it’s an over sized Vanity mirror, with three addition magnifying mirrors as well. Also my other fave parts are: 1. you can fold in the sides of the mirror to have a clean look, 2: it is battery powered OR can be charged like your phone with a USB cord. I did lots of looking around for a good vanity mirror and this one is where its at. $25. *White Elephant Gift

I had this on my Men’s Guide and i just had to add it here as well, because i just love this bowl. How wonderful is it to not have to worry about those damn shells of your pistachios! This is also great for cherries in the summer time, thats another one i hate having to tote around two bowls if i want to eat them. Is this super affordable too at $12 dollars. *White Elephant Gift

Click image to order leather gloves (with Touch screen fingertips)

Now i know what your thinking … eh leather gloves?? TRUST ME. My Aunt gifted me these one year and not until i used them was I then like wow I LOVE these. I know it sounds crazy but they keep my hands soo warm and i love the leather it looks so classy / Mom from Home Alone at the same time. Even when i go out for my winter walks to exercise ill be in work out clothes and leather gloves because they are so warm. Funny looking I know but hey girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. $25 Touch screen fingertips as well which is a must for me. Sizing is the only tricky part i would say on average 7-8 is the typical size. *White Elephant (women)

Click image to order gloves

These warm and toasty gloves have THREE fingers that are touch screen! I would not dream of getting a pair of gloves that aren’t touch screen. These are cute yet have a big fuzzy layer inside, and touch screen. $15 (just got myself a pair- this gift lists are becoming a problem for me ! Ha )

Click image to order My Pillow

I know this one gets mixed reviews, but I personally have this and have been using it for years now and still LOVE it. My Mom, sister, and kids all have them and love them. I personally cant live with out it. I have the Firm, and my kids have the medium, quite honestly you cant tell the difference. I am a side sleeper, or back sleeper…. i guess you didn’t really need to know that but hey now ya know. Any who it was gifted to me for Christmas many years back and ill never go back. Best part and I always recommend this, its machine wash and dry. Why the company (and i agree ) recommends washing and drying it every few months is because it kinda “ rejuvenates” it back to its original self making it feel like a brand new pillow again. Side note: This is NOT for stomach sleepers. I LOVE THIS PILLOW !!!

Click image To order overnight duffel

How nice is this overnight bag for $35. It is lightweight and packable, which I like for storage, i hate huge duffel bags in my closet taking up prime real estate. Perfect for overnight trips, or as a carry on bag for the gal in your life who travels a lot. Comes in four different color combinations. Also has slit in the back to slide it onto your luggage.


I love this make up travel organizer. Main reason i like it is because it has moveable parts to it so if your make up is larger you can make space for that! Also spots for your brushes which i love because i hate throwing brushes into a bag with a bunch of other stuff. Great gift coming in at $19.99. I love this. Great co worker gift or white elephant!

Click to order real housewives coloring book

How cute is this gift for the Real Housewives fan in your life !!! $20 makes a really cute gift idea for that huge Bravo fan 

Workout Gear

Click for my personal yoga mat

Ok .. so funny story. I gave this as a gift to my mom years ago for Christmas. She loved it naturally, fast forward about a year later i needed to borrow her yoga mat for some unknown reason. Well that was about two years ago now and i never gave it back. I actually ended up gifting her a new one. I love it and now it’s the only mat ill use. I do feel like people complain about needing to be “broken in” but i guess because i stole mine from my mom she broke it in for me .. haha.. so I couldn’t tell you, i personally never felt that way. It’s a great gift, and add the yoga towel to bag to this for a REALLY special gift, all for under $100 or at least very close.

Grip Hot Yoga/Pilates Towel- Click image to order

I LOVE these towels for when i do hot Pilates. They are usually around $50-$70 dollars. Well thats a no no no for Inspo By Jo. I was on a search to find a nice affordable option, and here ya have it! Now during any hot yoga or hot Pilates class you will not be sliding around, and if your sweating it will also be there to soak up the sweat! These are a must have. So if your mom is a hot yoga gal get her one she will love it.

Click image to order Lightweight yoga pants

I personally have these and love them. I’m very, very picky with my leggings. I only wear these and two other pairs which I’ll also link. These have thousands of good reviews. I’m also short and the length is perfect. Great Lululemon dupe. Only $27! I have the size small for reference, so true to size.

Click image to order Fleece Lined Yoga Pants

These are perfect for the girl who runs outdoors in the winter or any outdoor activity in the winter months. These are the same pants but FLEECE lined. I have them and need them for my outdoor winter walks. They are awesome. Also true to size. I love the color combos of these.

Click Image to order Aerie Leggings

Last but not least my favorite Aerie legging of all time. I have them in every color. They feel like nothing is on your body. If you want to feel “sucked in” maybe these aren’t for you. They are like butter on your skin, that being said for outdoor runs etc. these are very lightweight so might not keep you warm in winter months. Ok long story short they are the BEST. You can usually find them on sale around $25

Click image to order Yoga Mat Bag

This yoga mat bag is over sized so it will fit any size mat. Also has pockets for your phone, yoga mat towel, keys, so you can walk into the yoga studio hands free. I’m always juggling a bunch of little things when i walk into the studio so i just sent this to my husband to get me it for Christmas ! I read lots of reviews. I also like the material of this one I didn’t want cotton, for fear if i spilled water on it, I like this material better. Only $18 dollars !

Gifts over $50 dollars

My friend has this and I LOVE it. Looks soooo cute on her and since all i wear is exercise gear literally all day everyday, this is the perfect Vest to throw on to run errands or the bus stop. Super cute!

How nice is this overnight bag for $35. It is lightweight and packable, which I like for storage, i hate huge duffel bags in my closet taking up prime real estate. Perfect for overnight trips, or as a carry on bag for the gal in your life who travels a lot. Comes in four different color combinations.

Click Image to order MZ Wallace Backpack

I honestly need this bag. I had a backpack purse for years and always got compliments on it and comfort wise it was my favorite purse ever. That being said someone please buy me this for Christmas haha. Perfect as a diaper bag for sure, I would have loved this when my kids were little. Now it is expensive, so if your shopping fo yourself like always seem to do around the holidays (I’m the worst) they have a lot of these on Poshmark, but keep in mind no returns on Poshmark and they are used. Just an FYI.

Click to order MY personal wedding band

I cant begin to tell you how many compliments i get on my wedding rings. I wanted to have that stacked band look, but not at the cost of 1k each. So years ago i found this gem on QVC and figured I would give it a try. Well i just love it, and people are always saying WOW i love your wedding bands. I wear my rings everyday, never ever take them off. As my profession i do hair, and wear it day in and day out with out any problems of diamonds falling out etc. Keep in mind if one does QVC Diamonique offers a Lifetime guarantee on all their products so you can send it back they will replace it or refund you. This can also be worn alone, its smaller but not too small where it looks stupid worn alone. Makes a beautiful gift. For reference i have had mine for 3 plus years this exact ring, and i have it in silver and gold.

Click watch to go to ”Last Call” Neiman Marcus Website

I always wanted a Michele watch for years and a few years back my husband got me one for Christmas, and I ADORE it to this day. Now of course it is a ton of money so i happen to also love the Michele watches in the jelly band! These are much more affordable option, and you can usually find them Nordstrom rack, Last Call Newman Marcus (i included the link just click on watch image) This would be a BIG gift fo her so maybe make sure she would really want it before you invest – haha . But again if anyone would like to get me something this year I’ll take the Navy Deco Style one …. just something small I’m not asking for much.

Click to go to Ink + Alloy Website

This line has been all the rage and more then one woman messaged me that they would want something from this line. My one girlfriend especially loves the key holder, for a busy mom she loves it. That would make a beautiful gift topper! the earrings are also beautiful and unique, which i love.

Listen up men who are reading this… no woman wants generic jewelers from Kay jewelers … every kiss does NOT begin with Kay trust me. No offense Kay. Get them a piece that they can wear every day and if fashionable. Whim Jewelry has so many pretty and cool at the same time, pieces of jewelry. I want one of everything from her collection.

Click image to go to Whim Jewelry Website

You can also check her out on Instagram @whimjewelry. Her pieces are very affordable and make a beautiful gift! These make a nice sister gift or friend gift.

A note from the author :

I hope that you all enjoy this gift guide for her. I found this to be one of the hardest one because women are usually pretty particular so all else fails a spa gift card is always a wonderful gift! I would also like to add a gift to get their hair done is always much appreciated trust me I talk to a lot of women every day and they would all agree. Please remember to relax this holiday season everything always gets done and who cares if it doesn’t!

Click image to order I pad Keyboard

I personally have this and LOVE it. Had it for months now, and its the best. Keeps a charge for what feels like weeks, and i use mine all the time. THis is the best 50 i have ever spent. Don’t hesitate and get this, if not get it for yourself !


Just Lips

HA! “Just Lips” i was trying to think of a catchy Tagline for this category, but came up with, well nothing, so i went with “just lips” soooo catchy and original. I need a job in marketing, I would be hired in a minute. Anyway….. here’s all my lip color options that i love, try one, try them all, try none! Haha

Lip Scrubs

First off you need nice lips so I always in the morning when doing my make up use a lip scrub. Trader Joe’s has my all time fave but its only available for a very limited time around then holiday season, so run and get one like ..now! Two of them will literally last you an entire year. I get myself two and I just opened the second box maybe a month ago.

Found great alternative that came highly recommended from a friend and is also super cheap. It’s a scrub for gods sake no need to spend a fortune on this it all does the same damn thing trust me. Also comes in different “flavors”. A good organic option for kids with those chapped lips in the winter.

Click Image to order Lip scrub $10

Lip Treatments

Click image to order my fave lip balm

My sis is lucky enough to fly first class often.. i know my life is so lame. Any who, they give out little make up bags with lots of goodies in it.. i know amazing right. So she has so many of them she always gives me the extras and this lip gloss is one of them that that gift. I lOVE it !!! I’m hooked. So it is a little pricey $14 is a lot for me to spend on lip balm/gloss but i liked it that much that i paid for it. Little goes a long way and will last you awhile.

Click Image to order Overnight Lip Treatment

I also use this before bed it works wonders if your lips are in bad shape. I also use it on the kids as well. Very hard to find in stores, so i provided link to Amazon. This is a good one for winter months.

Available only at your local Trader Joe’s

I also love this, comes in a set of three perfect to keep one in car, purse, work. The entire set is so cheap like $4 buck i think. Available all year long at Tarder Joes.

Now to the good stuff the lip colors ……

Lip Color ( gloss and lipstick )

Click image to order my fave lip gloss trio

My two favorite colors from this one are Creme Brûlée , and Angel food both of which are in this trio! Also hard to find both in stores so just save yourself the trouble and get the set.

Click to order L’Oréal Peach Fuzz

I love this color. When i first put it on i was like .. Eh… then it grew on me and now i love it!!! You just need a quick swipe over your lips thats all. It’s so pretty !

Click to order Pink Wink Lip color

Now this color is a pretty winter color. Like the perfect berry ish color. It’s pops a punch so again, you just need a little bit. The perfect compliment to any holiday outfit. Would be great for brunettes and blondes in my opinion. Also super affordable at $5.00.

Click to order MAC Brave Lip color

Hands down best universal color. If your worried about the other two go with this one, although it is more money at $25 a pop, so it is taking a risk. I provided the link but if there is a MAC counter at a store near you i recommend going there and they can try it out on you and then if you don’t like it hey no sweat off you back! I love this color, its always a classic all year long.

I know i know everyone makes fun of me that i do not use lip liners. SO i went out and found one i like but i will say it wont blow your socks off …haha … none the less its good and does the job and best of all i super affordable.

Click image to order Lip Liner

NYX lip liner in Whipped Caviar. I love this lip liner. Affordable and great color with out being too much. This i will put on then one of the NYX lip glosses. Looks great and natural