Salon Sunday product review

Evo Shebang-A-Bang

Click image to order or call your local salon and see if they carry it !

Wow. This one is a gem! It’s a dry spray wax, build able so you can keep spraying and it will just keep getting better. Most spray waxes if you put too much it’s not a good thing. This product is perfect when creating those beach waves and you just need to break up the waves or it needs some texture. PERFECT for short pixie cuts … you will be like where has this been my whole life. Longer styles that just need some texture after blowing it out, spray a light amount and it will just break up your hair and give it some piecey-ness ( I made up that word). All in all buy it you will LOVE IT. It’s been a favorite of mine and many clients of mine for years now . Also side note … product will last you forever so trust me it’s worth every penny!

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