I did it ! I finally made my very own podcast !! I have wanted to for years and finally just did it. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing so fingers crossed this works out. Haha! I hope that you listen along and get some inspiration out of it. Please share with your friends if you like it. If you hate it .. sorry in advance .. but please let me know that too. Any feed back is appreciated. XOXO

Kids these days – new podcast episode! Click on picture to listen

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New Episode!

Peace during the storm of life

28 July 2021

Peace during the storm Laugh at Life

Today’s episode I touch on how I came to peace with the chaos of everyday life. I went through many challenges this year and instead of going with it, I was determined to find happiness and peace and love in my heart to tackle anything life threw at me. Trust me it’s easier said then done!

Baby Steps

12 March 2020

Baby Steps Laugh at Life

How baby steps form into one huge step in your life goals. Respect the baby step and embrace every small step you make towards your goal. Anything in life is possible if you just take the first “baby” step