These are my tried and true favorite paint colors. I know people always say oh its paint its easy to replace. Honestly i beg to differ! Paint can make or break your room, and if your doing it yourself it’s a lot of work to just redo if you hate it! Even worse if you pay someone to do it then discover you hate it talk about a total let down.

If home decor really isn’t your thing i always recommend hiring someone to help. A lot of the time it’s more affordable then you think and so worth the money. Especially if it’s your main living area, a bedroom nah it isn’t worth spending the money.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (living Room)

This is a top seller for Benjamin Moore and I understand why. First lets start with it is NOT gray. It’s the most neutral beige color ever. I love this color so much you can pair warm tones with it, or cool gray tones with it and it will work. Seriously everyone I recommend it to LOVES it.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (Bathroom)

Hard to tell in this picture but it’s the most PERFECT light neutral color. It’s creamy and perfect. In person it’s just perfection. Trust me you’ll love it

Now this color is ADORE as well. It’s pretty light in color with cool undertones. It’s another one that isn’t gray at all. I would also say this is similar to edgecomb gray but much much lighter. I have it in my bathroom and hallway and its so clean and crisp looking. Another decorators favorite.

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray (Kitchen)

Not the best picture at all but you get the idea. In the background of this picture in the back hallway is Ben Moore Classic Grey
Looks lighter in this picture due to lighting but in person it’s a little darker more like the photo above

I guess I’ll say it one more time, this “gray” isn’t gray at all. It’s an almost light aqua gray. If your familiar with the very popular SherwinWilliams Sea Salt, its very similar to that but lighter. It’s in my kitchen and dining area which get a lot of natural sunlight. It may appear different if used in a room with not much natural light. I get compliments on this paint color all the time.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (Bathroom and Master Bed)

The perfect aqua color without being too much. That is hard to achieve, usually it’s too bright or too blue. This color is the perfect blue green aqua color that pairs nicely with grays, blue, corals. Very pretty color overall.

Hot Tip:

Personally i don’t waste time painting small samples on the wall i find it extremely faulty. Been there done that and total waste of time and money. Personally i found typing the color your interested into Pinterest a much better resource. I also watch you tube videos on reviews of the colors i am interested. You really should do some research before picking a paint color. It a lot of work to repaint it, trust me I have been there before too! Good luck, and as always any questions please let me know.




Summer Hair Must Haves

Click on image to order

I hear it every year from clients ….in August… my kids hair is horrible from the chlorine what can i do?? Well i hate to say it but its too late. Waiting to worry about the chlorine issue in August after a summer of swimming is too late! You need to start the hair care NOW. Take these actions from the very beginning of summer and i promise you it will be a huge difference from previous years, if done consistently. Obviously i know its hard with kids, but get all the tools set them up right and you’ll be set.

First and foremost, few things to consider, if you can try to wet your child’s hair in the shower prior to going to the pool or at the pool in their showers. Another tip throw conditioner in their hair before jumping in, any kind will do. For kids and in this situation i wouldnt spend a lot on a good conditioner because its only being used as a barrier to the chlorine. So get any conditioner and maybe keep it in your pool bag and try getting it in their hair prior to jumping in. That will help a lot. As far as adults like myself who love to swim, I always do this and it helps a lot except i wont use cheap conditioner on my hair haha!

Step one- Always wash hair as soon as you can after swimming! Or at least that night just don’t let the chlorine sit in your hair for days. This shampoo is a must have. Don’t mess around buy it you have to have it.

Click on image to order

Step 2- Out of shower spray this all over and brush through. Now this is also a good one to buy two of and keep in pool bag. Another great option is spray this all over hair prior to jumping in pool in place of conditioner. I LOVE both of these so i included two for different price points.

Click to order. Now this one has a UV protectant which is huge! This is also a larger bottle which trust me you will go through in a summer. Better value due to size ($29. – 13.5 oz.)
Click on Image to order detangler ($29. For 8 oz.)

Step 3 – BEST brush out there!! Pretty self explanatory … brush your hair..haha. This brush is a game changer.Dont say “oh we have a wet brush” No no you need the flex. This set comes with one for the shower as well which is awesome for young kids. Or again keep one at home one in pool bag.

Click on Image to order

Step 4 – Treat and Protect. Now this product is my personal all time favorite. It is a protein cream, with chlorine protectant AND UV protectant … thats why this is amazing for the summer months. This is pricey but a tiny bit goes a long way trust me. The smallest size bottle should last you about six months the larger easily a year. This is more for adults due to the price point, but naturally you can gladly use it on your kids as well. I’m just thrifty and wouldn’t want to waste its on kids hair ..heehee. Also before jumping in pool or just going to the pool and sitting in the sun i put this all over my hair to protect it. Another must have. I repeat a little goes a long way.

Click on image to order my favorite hair product of all time
($19 for small size)

Step 5 – GET these plastic toiletry bags. The large with handle is perfect to keep the shampoo, detangler, brushes, etc., in your pool bag. Then if you or your child showers at the pool the handle is great to hang it up while you shower and no leaving it on the gross floor. These are awesome for travel as well. Set of six for $15 you simply can not beat it. I use the small ones for the beach for cell phone and money.

Click on image to order toiletry bags set of six. ($15) Great for pool/beach bags to keep all products safe from spilling all over your towels. Also great for travel as well. I love this set!
Click on image to order ($11.99)

I hate drying racks, I feel like …well they are ugly…haha. So I love a simple clean dish drying mat. This one can be cut to size and machine washable. I do hate that it comes folded because its a little hard to get the creases out of it. I like the white especially for white kitchen it looks nice and crisp. Below is another alternative that i have as well and also love.

Click on image to order. This one is more plush, if you like that option better. ($7.99)
Click to order my new favorite toothpaste – its heaven- your teeth will be sooo white in no time! Set of Two $11.99 great deal
(Target was more expensive)
Click on image to order body butter

Love love love this brand. I love the skin food for face and body. This is a great one for body. My skins never looked better. This is not for face though keep in mind. Super affordable too.

Click on image to order bracelets

LOVE these! I got them for Mother’s Day. Perfect wrist size. Set of two. I like because they can be worn casual or dressed up. Add these to other bracelets to get that trendy layered look which i love. Super affordable at $12.99

Click to order Gold spray paint

Not all gold spray paints are created equal, trust me i found out the hard way. I love this 14k gold color the best. Now that s my opinion, everyone is different, but I found this to be my personal favorite gold shade. It’s not too champagne and not to brass, just right in the middle. Side note: I only use this brand for gold i use Rustoleum for all other colors. That can be purchased pretty much anywhere.


Listen if you haven’t started shopping yet no need to sweat, I’m hear to help! Here is a list of all the last minute things that are still available for pick up in your local stores. Also some great small business finds as well that offer delivery.

Don’t forget make sure to have arrangements made for dinner! All restaurants are offering Mother’s Day specials, so make sure to order something!.


Check your store availability for Pick up! Hot item is the beach cruiser. Stuff some flip flops and a beach towel in basket, and a new water bottle for the cup holder for the perfect gift! Other top picks are Rumba Vacumn and Air fryer.

Click on Image to order and check stock
Once redirected click on image to order


Click on image to be directed to Target gift ideas

Great idea … basket or bag of gifts! Sometimes the best gift is a bunch of small gifts in one! Get an adorable tote bag or any basket and fill it with all of these goodies.

Here is an example of what you can do yourself with all Target Items!

Shop Local

Call for Pick up or delivery!
Click on Logo to be directed to Instagram Site
These have been a HOT item this season. Perfect gift idea! $28. Call to order
Check them out on Instagram @Freeshopambler
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*Click on Image to be directed to Website to order*
Need a piece of Jewelry to add to your gift?! Kathys pieces are so gorgeous you can’t go wrong. Pick up still available!
Click on Image to Order
THESE earrings are the ones i have and wore on the show. “SALSA DANCER” is the name of them. I get compliments left and right on them from other women.

Order Gift Cards to their Hair Salon

Salons are offering gift cards for purchase online. What a great gift idea to add to your other gifts if you still need a little something.

Click on Image to order online gift cards
Click on Image to order Gift Cards

April Amazon Finds

This month I’m keeping it short and sweet. Here are a few things that I use on the regular and love. This month is dedicated to all things at home obviously!

Around the house……

First of all stop what you’re doing and purchase these. Total game changer in my life in the last three years I may be purchased one bottle of Windex. I talk about these all the time for a reason, they are amazing. Gone are the days where you have to get out the Windex and it’s a big chore to clean windows and your front door. You simply take these cloths with them wring them out very well get out most of the moisture and wipe down all glass, mirrors, stainless steel, literally surface. Simple the best home product I own.

Click on image to order

Solar lights

Let’s face it, Solar lights will never be the same as flicking a switch but nonetheless these provide a really pretty ambience to your flowerbeds. Over the years I’ve purchased ones that are above ground and inevitably my kids always hit them or break them so I decided to go for the flat version. Just gives a pretty classy look.

Click image to order

Dental hygiene must have….

Click on image to order

This is just an absolute must for any human who has a pulse.. haha! I’ve been doing this for years it’s just an absolute must have. Life changer, once you start using it you’ll think how did I live without this!

Cozy Around the house

Has anyone actually put on a traditional bra in six weeks? I know I am living in sports bras and bralettes. This one is so comfortable and you’ll continue to wear it after quarantine!

Click on image to order

Comphy cozy Sweatshirt

If you’re also looking for a project these sweatshirts make a great days for tie-dying and bleach dying! Super affordable.

Click image to order

Weleda Skin Food

Click image to order

This cream is seriously life-changing. If you have dry skin look no further honestly. It will be the best $13 you’ll ever spend. A teeny bit goes a very long way. Also great for kids with dry patches. All in all just good to have in the house.


Week of Pure Joy

I decided to do an entire week of things that I use every day that just bring me joy or happiness. They also just bring some type of wellness into my life so I decided to share it with all of you. In honor of my birthday week here’s my gifts to you! Enjoy!

Click to order dry skin brush

Day 1 – Ice roller

This is heaven on a stick. I use it in the morning, or honestly whenever! I love it so much. It is great for headache relief, de puffing, and someone told me great for hangovers (I don’t really drink so I don’t know). It’s just amazing so get it sit back and enjoy it. Would make a great Mother’s Day gift. 

Click on image to order $10


Blow dryer

Click image to order blow dryer

I hear it all the time in the salon from clients “ what did you use in my hair today?” Now the products do play a HUGE role in making your hair feel and look better but i tell people all the time a good blow dryer makes all the difference. I cant tell you how many people will get a good blow dryer and then say “wow my hair is so much smoother, wow my hair dried so fast” , etc. I’m telling you if you need a new blow dryer invest in a good one and you’ll see the effects it has on your hair with the very first use. Now when you get your new blow dryer do not throw out the concentrator that attaches to the end of the blow dryer. Most people typically ignore that piece but you need it! It smooths out your hair and keeps those hot coils off the hair shaft. If you find it weird to blow dry with it on, keep using it you’ll get used to it. Trust me that piece is very important.

Click on image to order Revlon one step hair dryer

Now this baby doesn’t have 37,000 reviews on Amazon for nothin! This is hands down a fan favorite i hear it left and right from clients and friends. Now listen this is truly a gem and makes styling your hair a dream BUT i will give you some tips that some people aren’t aware of. This can with over use damage your hair a little , so that being said just go easy with it. What i mean by that is , let your hair air dry most of the way and then use this, or take your classic blow dryer and get most of the moisture out of it first. Lastly maybe try not to go over the same section 1,000 times. Try to find a styling product with a heat protectant in it as well. Follow those couple little tips and you are set!! You’ll just love this tool so much -its a game changer .

Olivia Garden XL Brush

Click image to order

This is hands down best, look no further, brush ! I have long-ish thick hair and I typically use the size 55. For shoulder length I would say go with 50 or 45. For thick curly hair and long hair you can get 3 1/2”. This is a must have !


Honest Beauty Faves

Love love love this mascara!! My all-time favorite used to be it cosmetics superhero which was awesome BUT Honest is half the price and I think I like it better dare I say it. You won’t be disappointed.

Click link to order

I also love this cream foundation! It goes on so smooth a little goes a long way and it just makes your skin look flawless. Well … maybe not flawless let’s face it it’s not a miracle cream haha . I have it in the color SAND for reference. Super affordable as well.

Click image to order

March Amazon Finds

Well with our current situation i decided to keep this month dedicated to things you can use while your quarantined. Also keeping it affordable since some of us are on a budget now.

1. Crest White Strips

You got the time now you might as well go back to work looking better! Every few years ill use a set of crest white strips ( Usually about every 5 years ill use a set). No better time then now to do it. As maintenance i use Crest 3DWhite Whitening toothpaste and my Sonicare toothbrush -which i swear by. I feel like the combination of the two keep my teeth white.

Click image to order

2. My favorite Paintbrush

I heard that Paint is becoming the new toilet paper during all of this. Most homeowners stuck home are going whatever they can to spruce up their homes. Present company included! I do a LOT of painting around my house and this is hands down my favorite paint brush.

Click image to order paint brush

3. Best Cook book you’ll ever own

Click Image to order cook book

Listen, i hate clutter, so the last thing i will usually buy is a cook book. LISTEN TO ME …. BUY THIS! i have made countless recipes out of this and each one is better then the next. You know how you get a cook book and you might use like three recipes out if it or they are too complicated, or they require too unique of ingredients !!!??? Well not the case here. You do need a few different ingredients but i have been cooking with them anyway so for me it was easy. Read the beginning of the book as well, it’s inspirational and tells you some things you should always have in your pantry. Also makes a great gift !

4. Milk Frother

Click image to order Milk Frother ($10)

Can’t get to Starbucks?? Well your in luck! At the cost of one large fancy drink in a coffee shop you can make your own at home! Close your eyes, ignore your kids, play classical music and you can pretend your there! It works best with milk rather then cream and heating it up in the microwave first makes it even easier to froth. Pour over coffee and enjoy. Above is Frother i have and is $10. Below is another frother that will not only heat your milk drink for you, but will also froth it for you as well! It’s been in my amazon cart forever i might finally pull the trigger – i really like the idea of throwing any milk choice i want into it and it will heat and froth for me. $40

Click to order milk frother and heater in one ($40)

5. Kids Cooking Tools

I wanted to title this “Tools for kids so they can get their own shit!” haha but that wouldn’t have been nice now would it !! In all seriousness here are a couple things that will make kids getting stuff themselves a lot easier. These are great tools for kids who love to help you cook i I the kitchen, especially now that we are all doing a lot more at home cooking. My personal favorite is the cereal dispenser. It makes you feel like your at a hotel breakfast buffet..haha. Lastly If you haven’t already purchased the OXO silicone baking cups you MUST!! I will never not use them now that i have them. I don’t bake, i use mine for egg cups. They are the best.

Mom can you get me a bowl of cereal ?? NO Honey- your in luck you can now GET IT YOURSELF !!!!!

Click image to order cereal dispenser
Available in Black, Chrome, and white
Click image to order Kids knives
Click on image to order Toaster Tongs
So they can grab their own waffles and be sure to teach them my butter trick!
Click on image to order OXO baking cups that I can not live with out.
Great for egg cups too! A MUST HAVE in the kitchen

I wish you all good health and try to stay positive durning this trying time. It’s hard i know but all being in it together is comforting. It’s temporary, we will all be ok, worrying wont change a single thing so don’t bother. Be present and enjoy this gift of the world stopping and just BE. God bless and as always thank you for your continued support.