Honest Beauty Faves

Love love love this mascara!! My all-time favorite used to be it cosmetics superhero which was awesome BUT Honest is half the price and I think I like it better dare I say it. You won’t be disappointed.

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I also love this cream foundation! It goes on so smooth a little goes a long way and it just makes your skin look flawless. Well … maybe not flawless let’s face it it’s not a miracle cream haha . I have it in the color SAND for reference. Super affordable as well.

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March Amazon Finds

Well with our current situation i decided to keep this month dedicated to things you can use while your quarantined. Also keeping it affordable since some of us are on a budget now.

1. Crest White Strips

You got the time now you might as well go back to work looking better! Every few years ill use a set of crest white strips ( Usually about every 5 years ill use a set). No better time then now to do it. As maintenance i use Crest 3DWhite Whitening toothpaste and my Sonicare toothbrush -which i swear by. I feel like the combination of the two keep my teeth white.

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2. My favorite Paintbrush

I heard that Paint is becoming the new toilet paper during all of this. Most homeowners stuck home are going whatever they can to spruce up their homes. Present company included! I do a LOT of painting around my house and this is hands down my favorite paint brush.

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3. Best Cook book you’ll ever own

Click Image to order cook book

Listen, i hate clutter, so the last thing i will usually buy is a cook book. LISTEN TO ME …. BUY THIS! i have made countless recipes out of this and each one is better then the next. You know how you get a cook book and you might use like three recipes out if it or they are too complicated, or they require too unique of ingredients !!!??? Well not the case here. You do need a few different ingredients but i have been cooking with them anyway so for me it was easy. Read the beginning of the book as well, it’s inspirational and tells you some things you should always have in your pantry. Also makes a great gift !

4. Milk Frother

Click image to order Milk Frother ($10)

Can’t get to Starbucks?? Well your in luck! At the cost of one large fancy drink in a coffee shop you can make your own at home! Close your eyes, ignore your kids, play classical music and you can pretend your there! It works best with milk rather then cream and heating it up in the microwave first makes it even easier to froth. Pour over coffee and enjoy. Above is Frother i have and is $10. Below is another frother that will not only heat your milk drink for you, but will also froth it for you as well! It’s been in my amazon cart forever i might finally pull the trigger – i really like the idea of throwing any milk choice i want into it and it will heat and froth for me. $40

Click to order milk frother and heater in one ($40)

5. Kids Cooking Tools

I wanted to title this “Tools for kids so they can get their own shit!” haha but that wouldn’t have been nice now would it !! In all seriousness here are a couple things that will make kids getting stuff themselves a lot easier. These are great tools for kids who love to help you cook i I the kitchen, especially now that we are all doing a lot more at home cooking. My personal favorite is the cereal dispenser. It makes you feel like your at a hotel breakfast buffet..haha. Lastly If you haven’t already purchased the OXO silicone baking cups you MUST!! I will never not use them now that i have them. I don’t bake, i use mine for egg cups. They are the best.

Mom can you get me a bowl of cereal ?? NO Honey- your in luck you can now GET IT YOURSELF !!!!!

Click image to order cereal dispenser
Available in Black, Chrome, and white
Click image to order Kids knives
Click on image to order Toaster Tongs
So they can grab their own waffles and be sure to teach them my butter trick!
Click on image to order OXO baking cups that I can not live with out.
Great for egg cups too! A MUST HAVE in the kitchen

I wish you all good health and try to stay positive durning this trying time. It’s hard i know but all being in it together is comforting. It’s temporary, we will all be ok, worrying wont change a single thing so don’t bother. Be present and enjoy this gift of the world stopping and just BE. God bless and as always thank you for your continued support.


Comfort from Coronavirus situation …

Food for Thought

Food for thought that I received and wanted to share with you today

Maybe we shouldn’t be so anxious for our country to “return to normal.” Maybe “normal” isn’t that great after all…

Just think for a minute with me,
What if, instead of God taking away the coronavirus (because we know He is capable of that), He is allowing it to give us a wakeup call…..

Maybe all the sports that have been canceled is God’s way of mending relationships, particularly marriages. Turn off the TV and watch the people who are around you….

Maybe closing schools is God’s way of giving parents the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their children and to mentor them in a way that we (the parents) have been neglecting. Take the opportunity to teach them how to cook, clean, do spring cleanup….

Maybe closing restaurants is God’s way of getting the families around the kitchen table again. Take this time and cook up a big delicious meal for your family. Use your best dishes. Make it a family affair. Get the little ones involved. There’s plenty they can do to prepare a meal.

Maybe slowing down the economy is God’s way of getting us to spend our money more wisely. Because, for the majority of Americans, life has been good for the last few years. We have prospered and that is great. But maybe we’ve been getting too caught up in all the things that money can buy.
Don’t panic and buy a bunch of stuff that you don’t need. Give to the less fortunate. Those rewards are worth more than all the money in the world….

Maybe with stores having specific hours for the elderly and with nursing homes going into quarantine, it’s God’s way of saying that we need to appreciate and respect our elderly more. Don’t forget to let the seniors in your life know how much you love them. You can still call them…..

Maybe with us having to cancel so many social events, God is telling us to slow down and spend time with our families. I know how busy life can get with this event here and this meeting over there. Just running from one event to another.
Take this time to spend some good quality time at home. Play catch with your son. Or play dress-up with your daughter. Take a walk with your spouse. Have the whole family work on a project……

Maybe this whole thing is God’s way to wake up America and allow us to get back to the basics. And to make this country the country that it used to be. To make it strong and to make our Families and Faith even stronger.

faithoverfear #bethepositive #Godisfaithful❤ (copied)

Make it Wonderful Wednesday!


Root touch up

When your in a pinch and you just want to cover up those visible grays this is the product for you. It’s almost like an eye shadow type powder. Applicator is on bottom. Washes right out with shampoo. No this will not cover your grays permanently, it’s a quick fix if you have somehwere to go and can’t show those grays !! $9 well spent . Always just good to have you never know when you’ll need it.

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My skin care regime

Here’s literally everything I use. Simple and sweet ! What works for me might not for you but hey worth a shot! I have combination skin more on the dry side and acne prone as well. If that helps! Good luck !

Click to order my make up remover towels I SWEAR BY !

If you tried these make up cloths and don’t like them or you prefer a make up remover I use this and LOVE IT ! It’s also so affordable and lasts FOREVER. Get it, it’s just good to have in addition to the make up remover cloths. Not to be used together though , this make up remover you would use with a cotton pad.

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I love this face wash. It doesn’t remove make up so you need to get my make up remover cloths to remove it first or the make up remover I use sometimes as well with a cotton pad (shown above)

Click to order my scrub I use a few times a week in shower

I at first was like ehh over this product and then I realized – for starters I have had it for a year and I use it often so it’s worth the $20 bucks that’s for sure. Secondly my skin has been great all year so maybe it does work well! So I’m down to the nitty gritty I’ll be ordering more today! I use it a few times a week in shower. Why I’m shower I’m not sure but I do. It has like a cult following on Amazon so I suggest trying it.

Click to order my vitamin e oil

I think the Sister Studio recommended this years ago and I have used it ever since and I LOVE IT. Seriously adore this can’t live without. My sister is also hooked on it now too. I get the Unscented and the 1 ounce bottle probably last me about two months. So you do go through it kind of quickly. I use it morning (tiny bit before make up) and night. I am acne prone and this helps !


February 5 Top Amazon Finds

That time of the month again! Here are my 5 favorite things from Amazon this month.

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After my bathroom Reno of course i did what any woman would do i got all new stuff! At first i got these for the “oh these will look cute on my counter” but as it turns out not even for cuteness they are so practical! Why didn’t i buy these years ago, new bathroom or not??!! My cousin recently ordered them and she texted me the same thing “ why didn’t I get these sooner”. I love that everything you need daily is right there on your counter, and looks good as well. We use ours for flossers and Q-Tips. Seriously for $14.99 upgrade your bathroom and change your life …haha ok maybe not life changing but for sure better. They come in different sizes but i got this exact set and it fits Q-tips and flosssers perfectly, and i really only needed two so this set worked out perfect for me.

Click Image to Order Keyboard

Seriously this keyboard is heaven. I have purchased others for my ipad that were horrible!! So when i got this i wasn’t expecting much, but love it!! Now this i have had for almost six months now – typing on it as we speak. I went out and purchased a Chrome book thinking i needed to upgrade and needed a computer, well thank god Best Buy returns within 14 days because i hated it! I was like my ipad is way better with my keyboard. So literally best $50 i ever spent and if you or your kids need a “computer” consider getting this first before spending all that money. Holds a charge forever as well. I never charge the damn thing and it just always works! Never looses bluetooth connection either like ones i have had in the past. Just all in all awesome. My friend got exact same one as well as she loves hers too!! I am so thankful i found this. Comes in many colors i have silver she got rose gold and that one is so pretty.

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Wow. This product. So you know when you get done blow drying your hair and those pesky tiny little hairs stick up right at your part?? Clients of mine are always saying “God i hate those little hairs sticking up” Well hellooo DART. You very GENTLY apply this pomade stick ( very light pressure or you will be greasy) to those little hairs and Viola they are gone! This stick is also awesome for slicked back styles, so if your pulling your hair back and have all those little hairs all around your face and cant stand it, well use this baby to get them down. Good for little girls in ballet who need it pulled back into bun. Also great for short mens styles as well. For men you would take the stick and go all over the hair and then kind of mold it into the style you desire. If you have a longer-ish style mens cut this probably wouldnt work, best for men with lets say 1 1/2 inches or less on the top. SO there ya have it multiple ways you can use this great little product. Don’t be fooled by the size this goes a VERY long way -you’ll have it forever. $19

Click Image to order my shower hooks

My mom had these down the shore and i was like I NEED these, so of course i ran and got them like any woman would do. I love these so much. They never ever fall, they blend right into the white subway so they aren’t an eye sore, and its perfect for your loofa or anything you need to hang, maybe a washcloth, my favorite make up remover cloths, you name it. Best $10 dollars you’ll ever spend!

Click image to order Shower Comb I have

LOVE this comb. Have had it for years. Perfect for when conditioner in in hair it glides right through. Also Wet brush brand has a shower hook brush which would be awesome for little girls. Either way always have something in shower to comb through hair while conditioner is on.

Click to order Sunglasses

So a friend of mine swears by this brand on Amazon and this particular style as well. Soooo, i finally decided to give them a try. I have to say sunglasses are a hard online buy for the obvious reasons, and I even hate to recommend them here because everyone’s face shapes and preferences are different. BUT ( i know you never start a sentence with but , BUT oh well) these are sooo nice, sounds odd but so comfortable, like a perfect fit, and to top it off Polarized! Lastly only $13 !! So if you loose them you wont be sick over it. I got the tortoise ones (shown above) but i actually kinda wish i went with all black i might just order them next. SO i took them into work to get a few reviews because gals at work are so honest and they all loved them ! So i decided to make them part of this months collection. If this style doesn’t suit you just check out any SOJOS brand sunglasses on amazon.

Happy Shopping -as always i hope you like my recommendations. These are just my own personal opinions and things i have tried and loved and hope that you do as well.

Love, Jo



New self Tanner

Love this new self tanner I tried! If your someone who is nervous about trying self tanner this one is for you ! I will say does take a couple of days of applications to get that full dark tan but it’s SO natural!! Also very lightly scented and dries fast. $30 not bad for a good self tanner ! Price is always my main concern . Click on image for link. Yes I’m aware of what a nerd I am posing with a bottle of self tanner.


Halo Bolt

Hands-down one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. I just feel so confident that if we ever lose power I am covered. I think this makes a great gift idea for someone who just started driving or at the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Or hell, Mother’s Day too ! Ha! Just whatever the occasion get one today. If you don’t you will think of this moment when your power goes out😳

Click on image to order
Comes in various colors

Pillow talk

Hands down my favorite pillow of all time. I have been using my My Pillow for years and now can’t live with out it. I know it might not be for everyone but if your debating GET IT! At least try it. Only thing I will say it’s not for stomach sleepers. I have mine in the Firm but I my kids have the medium and there isn’t much of a difference at all. They recommend washing it every couple of months and I couldn’t agree more. It brings the pillow back to life . Can’t say enough about it ! I also linked the silk pillow case I use as well. Good luck !

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Here’s my silk pillow case I also use nightly. Also wash your pillow cases often ! I wash mine probably two times a week. I typically never wash my hair .. haha … sooo I need to keep my pillow case fresh. Plus any bacteria from your face .. ew.. just nice to have a fresh pillow case often. So I wash mine in the morning hang dry it, and by afternoon it’s ready to go back on my bed!

Click image to order my silk pillow case