Comfort from Coronavirus situation …

Food for Thought

Food for thought that I received and wanted to share with you today

Maybe we shouldn’t be so anxious for our country to “return to normal.” Maybe “normal” isn’t that great after all…

Just think for a minute with me,
What if, instead of God taking away the coronavirus (because we know He is capable of that), He is allowing it to give us a wakeup call…..

Maybe all the sports that have been canceled is God’s way of mending relationships, particularly marriages. Turn off the TV and watch the people who are around you….

Maybe closing schools is God’s way of giving parents the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their children and to mentor them in a way that we (the parents) have been neglecting. Take the opportunity to teach them how to cook, clean, do spring cleanup….

Maybe closing restaurants is God’s way of getting the families around the kitchen table again. Take this time and cook up a big delicious meal for your family. Use your best dishes. Make it a family affair. Get the little ones involved. There’s plenty they can do to prepare a meal.

Maybe slowing down the economy is God’s way of getting us to spend our money more wisely. Because, for the majority of Americans, life has been good for the last few years. We have prospered and that is great. But maybe we’ve been getting too caught up in all the things that money can buy.
Don’t panic and buy a bunch of stuff that you don’t need. Give to the less fortunate. Those rewards are worth more than all the money in the world….

Maybe with stores having specific hours for the elderly and with nursing homes going into quarantine, it’s God’s way of saying that we need to appreciate and respect our elderly more. Don’t forget to let the seniors in your life know how much you love them. You can still call them…..

Maybe with us having to cancel so many social events, God is telling us to slow down and spend time with our families. I know how busy life can get with this event here and this meeting over there. Just running from one event to another.
Take this time to spend some good quality time at home. Play catch with your son. Or play dress-up with your daughter. Take a walk with your spouse. Have the whole family work on a project……

Maybe this whole thing is God’s way to wake up America and allow us to get back to the basics. And to make this country the country that it used to be. To make it strong and to make our Families and Faith even stronger.

faithoverfear #bethepositive #Godisfaithful❤ (copied)

Make it Wonderful Wednesday!

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