March Amazon Finds

Well with our current situation i decided to keep this month dedicated to things you can use while your quarantined. Also keeping it affordable since some of us are on a budget now.

1. Crest White Strips

You got the time now you might as well go back to work looking better! Every few years ill use a set of crest white strips ( Usually about every 5 years ill use a set). No better time then now to do it. As maintenance i use Crest 3DWhite Whitening toothpaste and my Sonicare toothbrush -which i swear by. I feel like the combination of the two keep my teeth white.

Click image to order

2. My favorite Paintbrush

I heard that Paint is becoming the new toilet paper during all of this. Most homeowners stuck home are going whatever they can to spruce up their homes. Present company included! I do a LOT of painting around my house and this is hands down my favorite paint brush.

Click image to order paint brush

3. Best Cook book you’ll ever own

Click Image to order cook book

Listen, i hate clutter, so the last thing i will usually buy is a cook book. LISTEN TO ME …. BUY THIS! i have made countless recipes out of this and each one is better then the next. You know how you get a cook book and you might use like three recipes out if it or they are too complicated, or they require too unique of ingredients !!!??? Well not the case here. You do need a few different ingredients but i have been cooking with them anyway so for me it was easy. Read the beginning of the book as well, it’s inspirational and tells you some things you should always have in your pantry. Also makes a great gift !

4. Milk Frother

Click image to order Milk Frother ($10)

Can’t get to Starbucks?? Well your in luck! At the cost of one large fancy drink in a coffee shop you can make your own at home! Close your eyes, ignore your kids, play classical music and you can pretend your there! It works best with milk rather then cream and heating it up in the microwave first makes it even easier to froth. Pour over coffee and enjoy. Above is Frother i have and is $10. Below is another frother that will not only heat your milk drink for you, but will also froth it for you as well! It’s been in my amazon cart forever i might finally pull the trigger – i really like the idea of throwing any milk choice i want into it and it will heat and froth for me. $40

Click to order milk frother and heater in one ($40)

5. Kids Cooking Tools

I wanted to title this “Tools for kids so they can get their own shit!” haha but that wouldn’t have been nice now would it !! In all seriousness here are a couple things that will make kids getting stuff themselves a lot easier. These are great tools for kids who love to help you cook i I the kitchen, especially now that we are all doing a lot more at home cooking. My personal favorite is the cereal dispenser. It makes you feel like your at a hotel breakfast buffet..haha. Lastly If you haven’t already purchased the OXO silicone baking cups you MUST!! I will never not use them now that i have them. I don’t bake, i use mine for egg cups. They are the best.

Mom can you get me a bowl of cereal ?? NO Honey- your in luck you can now GET IT YOURSELF !!!!!

Click image to order cereal dispenser
Available in Black, Chrome, and white
Click image to order Kids knives
Click on image to order Toaster Tongs
So they can grab their own waffles and be sure to teach them my butter trick!
Click on image to order OXO baking cups that I can not live with out.
Great for egg cups too! A MUST HAVE in the kitchen

I wish you all good health and try to stay positive durning this trying time. It’s hard i know but all being in it together is comforting. It’s temporary, we will all be ok, worrying wont change a single thing so don’t bother. Be present and enjoy this gift of the world stopping and just BE. God bless and as always thank you for your continued support.

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