April Amazon Finds

This month I’m keeping it short and sweet. Here are a few things that I use on the regular and love. This month is dedicated to all things at home obviously!

Around the house……

First of all stop what you’re doing and purchase these. Total game changer in my life in the last three years I may be purchased one bottle of Windex. I talk about these all the time for a reason, they are amazing. Gone are the days where you have to get out the Windex and it’s a big chore to clean windows and your front door. You simply take these cloths with them wring them out very well get out most of the moisture and wipe down all glass, mirrors, stainless steel, literally surface. Simple the best home product I own.

Click on image to order

Solar lights

Let’s face it, Solar lights will never be the same as flicking a switch but nonetheless these provide a really pretty ambience to your flowerbeds. Over the years I’ve purchased ones that are above ground and inevitably my kids always hit them or break them so I decided to go for the flat version. Just gives a pretty classy look.

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Dental hygiene must have….

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This is just an absolute must for any human who has a pulse.. haha! I’ve been doing this for years it’s just an absolute must have. Life changer, once you start using it you’ll think how did I live without this!

Cozy Around the house

Has anyone actually put on a traditional bra in six weeks? I know I am living in sports bras and bralettes. This one is so comfortable and you’ll continue to wear it after quarantine!

Click on image to order

Comphy cozy Sweatshirt

If you’re also looking for a project these sweatshirts make a great days for tie-dying and bleach dying! Super affordable.

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