May Amazon Finds

Click on image to order ($11.99)

I hate drying racks, I feel like …well they are ugly…haha. So I love a simple clean dish drying mat. This one can be cut to size and machine washable. I do hate that it comes folded because its a little hard to get the creases out of it. I like the white especially for white kitchen it looks nice and crisp. Below is another alternative that i have as well and also love.

Click on image to order. This one is more plush, if you like that option better. ($7.99)
Click to order my new favorite toothpaste – its heaven- your teeth will be sooo white in no time! Set of Two $11.99 great deal
(Target was more expensive)
Click on image to order body butter

Love love love this brand. I love the skin food for face and body. This is a great one for body. My skins never looked better. This is not for face though keep in mind. Super affordable too.

Click on image to order bracelets

LOVE these! I got them for Mother’s Day. Perfect wrist size. Set of two. I like because they can be worn casual or dressed up. Add these to other bracelets to get that trendy layered look which i love. Super affordable at $12.99

Click to order Gold spray paint

Not all gold spray paints are created equal, trust me i found out the hard way. I love this 14k gold color the best. Now that s my opinion, everyone is different, but I found this to be my personal favorite gold shade. It’s not too champagne and not to brass, just right in the middle. Side note: I only use this brand for gold i use Rustoleum for all other colors. That can be purchased pretty much anywhere.

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