Summer Hair Must Haves

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I hear it every year from clients ….in August… my kids hair is horrible from the chlorine what can i do?? Well i hate to say it but its too late. Waiting to worry about the chlorine issue in August after a summer of swimming is too late! You need to start the hair care NOW. Take these actions from the very beginning of summer and i promise you it will be a huge difference from previous years, if done consistently. Obviously i know its hard with kids, but get all the tools set them up right and you’ll be set.

First and foremost, few things to consider, if you can try to wet your child’s hair in the shower prior to going to the pool or at the pool in their showers. Another tip throw conditioner in their hair before jumping in, any kind will do. For kids and in this situation i wouldnt spend a lot on a good conditioner because its only being used as a barrier to the chlorine. So get any conditioner and maybe keep it in your pool bag and try getting it in their hair prior to jumping in. That will help a lot. As far as adults like myself who love to swim, I always do this and it helps a lot except i wont use cheap conditioner on my hair haha!

Step one- Always wash hair as soon as you can after swimming! Or at least that night just don’t let the chlorine sit in your hair for days. This shampoo is a must have. Don’t mess around buy it you have to have it.

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Step 2- Out of shower spray this all over and brush through. Now this is also a good one to buy two of and keep in pool bag. Another great option is spray this all over hair prior to jumping in pool in place of conditioner. I LOVE both of these so i included two for different price points.

Click to order. Now this one has a UV protectant which is huge! This is also a larger bottle which trust me you will go through in a summer. Better value due to size ($29. – 13.5 oz.)
Click on Image to order detangler ($29. For 8 oz.)

Step 3 – BEST brush out there!! Pretty self explanatory … brush your hair..haha. This brush is a game changer.Dont say “oh we have a wet brush” No no you need the flex. This set comes with one for the shower as well which is awesome for young kids. Or again keep one at home one in pool bag.

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Step 4 – Treat and Protect. Now this product is my personal all time favorite. It is a protein cream, with chlorine protectant AND UV protectant … thats why this is amazing for the summer months. This is pricey but a tiny bit goes a long way trust me. The smallest size bottle should last you about six months the larger easily a year. This is more for adults due to the price point, but naturally you can gladly use it on your kids as well. I’m just thrifty and wouldn’t want to waste its on kids hair ..heehee. Also before jumping in pool or just going to the pool and sitting in the sun i put this all over my hair to protect it. Another must have. I repeat a little goes a long way.

Click on image to order my favorite hair product of all time
($19 for small size)

Step 5 – GET these plastic toiletry bags. The large with handle is perfect to keep the shampoo, detangler, brushes, etc., in your pool bag. Then if you or your child showers at the pool the handle is great to hang it up while you shower and no leaving it on the gross floor. These are awesome for travel as well. Set of six for $15 you simply can not beat it. I use the small ones for the beach for cell phone and money.

Click on image to order toiletry bags set of six. ($15) Great for pool/beach bags to keep all products safe from spilling all over your towels. Also great for travel as well. I love this set!

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