Favorite Paint Colors

These are my tried and true favorite paint colors. I know people always say oh its paint its easy to replace. Honestly i beg to differ! Paint can make or break your room, and if your doing it yourself it’s a lot of work to just redo if you hate it! Even worse if you pay someone to do it then discover you hate it talk about a total let down.

If home decor really isn’t your thing i always recommend hiring someone to help. A lot of the time it’s more affordable then you think and so worth the money. Especially if it’s your main living area, a bedroom nah it isn’t worth spending the money.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (living Room)

This is a top seller for Benjamin Moore and I understand why. First lets start with it is NOT gray. It’s the most neutral beige color ever. I love this color so much you can pair warm tones with it, or cool gray tones with it and it will work. Seriously everyone I recommend it to LOVES it.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (Bathroom)

Hard to tell in this picture but it’s the most PERFECT light neutral color. It’s creamy and perfect. In person it’s just perfection. Trust me you’ll love it

Now this color is ADORE as well. It’s pretty light in color with cool undertones. It’s another one that isn’t gray at all. I would also say this is similar to edgecomb gray but much much lighter. I have it in my bathroom and hallway and its so clean and crisp looking. Another decorators favorite.

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray (Kitchen)

Not the best picture at all but you get the idea. In the background of this picture in the back hallway is Ben Moore Classic Grey
Looks lighter in this picture due to lighting but in person it’s a little darker more like the photo above

I guess I’ll say it one more time, this “gray” isn’t gray at all. It’s an almost light aqua gray. If your familiar with the very popular SherwinWilliams Sea Salt, its very similar to that but lighter. It’s in my kitchen and dining area which get a lot of natural sunlight. It may appear different if used in a room with not much natural light. I get compliments on this paint color all the time.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (Bathroom and Master Bed)

The perfect aqua color without being too much. That is hard to achieve, usually it’s too bright or too blue. This color is the perfect blue green aqua color that pairs nicely with grays, blue, corals. Very pretty color overall.

Hot Tip:

Personally i don’t waste time painting small samples on the wall i find it extremely faulty. Been there done that and total waste of time and money. Personally i found typing the color your interested into Pinterest a much better resource. I also watch you tube videos on reviews of the colors i am interested. You really should do some research before picking a paint color. It a lot of work to repaint it, trust me I have been there before too! Good luck, and as always any questions please let me know.



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