Blow dryer

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I hear it all the time in the salon from clients “ what did you use in my hair today?” Now the products do play a HUGE role in making your hair feel and look better but i tell people all the time a good blow dryer makes all the difference. I cant tell you how many people will get a good blow dryer and then say “wow my hair is so much smoother, wow my hair dried so fast” , etc. I’m telling you if you need a new blow dryer invest in a good one and you’ll see the effects it has on your hair with the very first use. Now when you get your new blow dryer do not throw out the concentrator that attaches to the end of the blow dryer. Most people typically ignore that piece but you need it! It smooths out your hair and keeps those hot coils off the hair shaft. If you find it weird to blow dry with it on, keep using it you’ll get used to it. Trust me that piece is very important.

Click on image to order Revlon one step hair dryer

Now this baby doesn’t have 37,000 reviews on Amazon for nothin! This is hands down a fan favorite i hear it left and right from clients and friends. Now listen this is truly a gem and makes styling your hair a dream BUT i will give you some tips that some people aren’t aware of. This can with over use damage your hair a little , so that being said just go easy with it. What i mean by that is , let your hair air dry most of the way and then use this, or take your classic blow dryer and get most of the moisture out of it first. Lastly maybe try not to go over the same section 1,000 times. Try to find a styling product with a heat protectant in it as well. Follow those couple little tips and you are set!! You’ll just love this tool so much -its a game changer .

Olivia Garden XL Brush

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This is hands down best, look no further, brush ! I have long-ish thick hair and I typically use the size 55. For shoulder length I would say go with 50 or 45. For thick curly hair and long hair you can get 3 1/2”. This is a must have !

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