Favorite Hair tools

These are some of my favorite tools that I use both at home and in the salon every day. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Blow dryer – this is a great everyday blow dryer and won’t break the bank! I used this blow dryer professionally for years and loved it. Be sure to keep all of the attachments that come with the blow dryer especially the concentrator that is essential to a great blow dry! This blow dryer will certainly cut down your drying time and make your hair a lot smoother. People don’t realize a blow dryer can really make a break your blowout. This one is so worth the investment!

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BEST wet brush out there! This wet brush is a game changer. For years I didn’t recommend people using brushes because they could damage the hair but this one is quite the exception! It’s the best trust me. If you ever feel like a brush is just floating on the top of your hair not getting fully into the hair then this brushes for you!!

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You must get this comb for your shower. Another game changer- especially for young girls. Teach them to comb their hair in shower when conditioner is in!

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These clips are the best to section hair for blow outs. They never slip or get stuck.

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Curling iron I have been using for years. Great price for how amazing it is!

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My all time favorite hair ties and you get 100 for $7!!! You can’t beat it.

These clips are great for keeping your hair back while doing makeup and won’t leave a crease.

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