Painting furniture made easy

After. Benjamin Moore Color Smoke

In my day I have painted countless pieces of furniture. It can certainly sound intimidating but I promise you it doesn’t need to be. I’ve tried multiple different paint tricks, and different paints. At the end of the day i find the all time best is DTM Paint Benjamin Moore . I know other home improvement stores carry it as well. With this product you can apply it directly to the surface whether its real wood or laminate wood. No sanding required. I never sand anything. Got no time for that!

Few things to keep in mind, I don’t work for Benjamin Moore (haha) so this was recommended to me from the Benjamin Moore employee years ago to paint my wood banister. Turned out great – thats where my love affair with this product started! If your still in doubt please talk to your local Benjamin Moore sales associate before beginning any project. The DTM paint is available in all of the Benjamin Moore paint colors. Lastly, you should know when you open the paint can the paint itself if an odd color but I promise you when it dries it will be the perfect color. It’s a bit iridescent at first.

Another added bonus to this paint it dries so fast. That’s how i have furniture painted in no time. In a day the whole project is complete. Now one small flaw it can chip if you hit it hard, but i suppose that could happen with any painted furniture. I haven’t had many issues with this.

I really hope this is helpful and trust me it’s a lot easier then you think. If your nervous maybe try it on an old nightstand but i can assure you you’ll love it. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, I’m always here to help. I wish you luck!

Below is the before Picture of the small dresser above ($40 facebook marketplace find) See how it was that shinny wood, no sanding. I went right on top of it using my favorite paint brush.

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