Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For those of you who want to get Mom a yeti cooler for the pool, baseball games, beach, etc. this is an amazing dupe. It’s a fraction of the cost at only $79. Fill it with some snacks maybe some wine and a PJ set and your good to go. Love this one.

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This PJ set is the perfect summer set. Menopausal moms this is for them. It’s super light and breezy, and will keep them cool with hot flashes. So cozy and you look cute too. I look a good Pj set that isnt buttons, and collars, i love basic tee and pants/shorts. Add some slippers to these and maybe a silk pillow case and your set!

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These sheets get a lot of buzz on instagram, a friend of mine Nicole Welsh Organization, who has good taste, recommended them. So here’s my review. I have one set of expensive sheets i love. These, dare i say, stood up to the test! They say microfiber but they are not, i hate the name it’s misleading. They are normal sheets i don’t get the name. If i can say anything they aren’t super cool to the touch, but also aren’t fleece material. They are just amazing and i have a set now on everyone’s beds, my kids love them too. Great great buy.

Click image to order washable silk pillowcase

They no longer have the silk pillow case i have available but i did a little research and found this one. Great to add with the Pjs!

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I always sleep in a high bun on the top of my head to keep my hair staying for days – this invisi bobble scrunchi is my FAVE to sleep in. Never leaves a kink. It’s the best, worth the $8 for one (i know it’s a lot but you only need one- don’t loose it) haha

Click image to order slippers (indoor /outdoor)

Ok, now these might look a little “extra” but Megan Molten who is a designer i follow on instagram, who by the way you must follow her she is an interior designer and her design is my all time fave!! Anyway back to the slippers, she recommended these and i do love them. The reason I love them is because the bottom is essentially a slide so you can slide them on to go take out the trash or take the dog for a quick walk outside. I definitely agree the style might not be for every mom but I personally have these and love them.

Click to order my all time fave cant live with out item

I get soo many questions about this mug. Is it worth it – YESSSSS. I bring it on vacations with me. It’s my favorite thing. If you always want to come back to your mug and have it still be the exact temp that you pored it this is for you. No more microwaving coffee. Now i will say you have to charge it every night and the charge lasts i think an hour or so. I have the older model so mine doesn’t last quite as long, they have since upgraded it. If for any reason you have any issues at all Ember replaces it no questions asked. I have had a couple issues over the years and new one sent to my door. Order directly from the company is my only advise. You are going to think how did i live with out this before.

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Ok. I have this friend that when she recommends something and says it’s awesome i trust her 100 percent. Funny she is the one who years ago told me to order the ember! She has great taste.Anywho.. i finally bit the bullet and ordered this. WOW, i mean its amazing. Price is expensive yes, but i have used it multiple times now ans already can tell it will be the only skillet i use. I guess its worth the hype. I have this in color Steam, its a pretty taupe color.

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Please do yourself or your mom a favor and invest in a good blow dryer. I use this daily in the salon and it’s sure to tackle the toughest of hair. This is another high ticket item but sure to last years and make her every blow dry better smoother and faster. Be sure to get the brush below as well that’s also a game changer. Seriously.

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This brush … where do i begin. I adore this so much just get it. That’s all i got. It will change your hair and your life hahah slightly dramatic i know but for real its the best round brush on the market. Sizing can be hard so here is a quick breakdown. Short styles go with the 45, Most universal size is 55, great for short medium and semi long. Thick curly medium to long hair get the big guy 65. Hope that helps.

Click image to order clips for blow drying

These are the best clips for blowing out hair.

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Now this is a great super affordable gift if your mom is lets say not quite gifted to blow dry her hair with a round brush. This truly is worth all the hype. Everyone and there mother has it .. haha.. so if your one of the people left with out this tool you need it. The blow dryer and brush are one, so no more needing two hands. This is hot so be careful, blow your hair dry first a little with your normal blow dryer then use this to smooth, or let it air dry then use this to smooth it out. I don’t recommend this for long hair, its just not the best for super long hair.

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Rosannas jewelry is one of my favorites. She truly just enjoys making her jewelry, and seeing people wear it and love it. Message her on instagram to place your order, she also ships. It’s a great add on to any gift, with a personal touch. She can also make ones with your kids names on them or if your like me your dogs name on the bracelet! hahaha.

Click to go to Kathy Romano Jewelry site

Kathy Romano also has THE cutest jewelry!! Check out her website. Her salsa dancer earrings are my personal fave and I’m always getting compliments when i wear them. (See picture below) She has a great selection on her website.

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