Fitness Friday

Work Out Clothes

I personally refuse to spend a ton on workout clothes. I also am simple – if I like it I buy like every color and I don’t stray. So I know this list is short but these are my classics I wear literally everyday. The idea is to work out and be comfortable while doing it! Plus I work out at home so even more the reason not to go crazy spending a lot . Most times ill pick up something at TJ MAxx or Marshalls. Ok I’ll shut up and get to the clothes !!!


I ADORE these leggings !!! Hands down my fave . They do run small , so size up, I wear a medium. They are like butter. Oh they aren’t very warm at all which I like but someone else might not. I only use them for indoor use so what do I care .. haha ($ 26 on sale )

Now these have a little more weight to them , the aerie ones are very lightweight , these are as well BUT have a little more to them. They are apparently a Lululemon dupe. Also high wasted, has pockets on side if you prefer that. I also love that they really smooth out the look of your legs too, making you look like you have nice shapely legs, even if you dont haha. ($25)

I love this crop top tank … it’s not crop top where your stomach shows .. that’s a big no no for me . This one is breezy and lightweight . I love it . I wear a medium only because small was sold out haha but I should have gotten a small. So true to size . ($13)

Now when you click on this shirt a short white crop top may appear do not buy that one obvi .. scroll over and get the black. NOW I usually don’t like the long tanks so this one i tie in a knot and it’s perfect ! ($30 )

I know this is a classic but I love this sports bra. I am also -how do I put this – umm not large in the chest department. So for small boobs it works great. Regardless of chest size I do know these Nike ones don’t let anything move .. not even an inch ! So if you want compression this is your bra. ($30)

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