5 Favorite Items From Amazon -January

Each month I’m going to share my absolute FAVORITE amazon purchases. I also decided to keep it to five so its simple and not overwhelming. All products are Inspo By Jo approved. All under $30!

1. Vitamin E oil

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I know i have mentioned this many times before but seriously this is my fave. I use it every morning and night. I feel like since using this i get less breakouts so don’t dare be afraid of the “oil” part of it. Also I might add all vitamin E oils are not the same. I buy a cheap $5 dollar one from Trader Joe’s for my body but would never use it for my face. This is pure Vitamin E Oil. Been using for over a year now and no plans of changing anything soon. I use unscented and i buy the 1oz. Size because I know i love it, but if your looking to try it first i would say get the .5oz.

2. URPOWER Overhead Lights (Closets, under cabinets)

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Seriously look no further for battery powered lights. I have tried soo many and these are THE BEST. Instead of having an electrician come and install lighting in my new closets my contractor recommend these and best thing to happen to me. Don’t buy any knock off of these, get this exact type i have linked. Trust me i tried them they sucked i had to return them. These are motion sensor, battery powered (four AAA not included), heavy duty magnetic strip holds them up. The light these babies put out is unreal! I cant talk highly enough about these. I will say if I could find a flaw, i do replace the batteries maybe every two months, i was hoping for longer, but i will say we are in these closets ALL the time. I have them in a linen closet i barely use and those i replace not as often. Now i also just know to always have AAA batteries on hand !

EXAMPLE : Here is my own closet in a black room early in the morning
Check out that light !

3. Earnda Women’s Leather Belt

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LOVE this belt. I have it in both colors as does half of the girls i work with ..haha! We love it. Literally goes with everything. $15 well spent. I got the brown loved it so much i ordered the black. Classic staple in your wardrobe. Year round look, winter spring summer and fall! I have the small, and I wear it maybe two or three notches in.

4. Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

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I was a skeptic on these but after Young House Love insisted how much they loved them plus rave reviews by all, i decided to purchase. As did my cousin, who has a dog, and she also loved them! They absorb any odors, or place in closets they may get damp. i have them behind my trash can in kitchen, behind shoe bin, in a closet that gets damp. I just love them! They absorb any smells. You put these in direct sunlight prior to using them and then you reactive them in the sun again every couple of months. Great all natural way to get rid of gross smells .. example sports equipment .. i have one there too i forgot !

5. Projection Alarm Clock

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A new twist on your classic alarm clock! This is your classic alarm clock BUT displays the time on the ceiling! So no need to ever move, haha. My sister, Aunt, mom, all have these. They also love them. Great for kids room, they think its cool. Yes you can move where you project the time anywhere on your wall.