Pillow talk

Hands down my favorite pillow of all time. I have been using my My Pillow for years and now can’t live with out it. I know it might not be for everyone but if your debating GET IT! At least try it. Only thing I will say it’s not for stomach sleepers. I have mine in the Firm but I my kids have the medium and there isn’t much of a difference at all. They recommend washing it every couple of months and I couldn’t agree more. It brings the pillow back to life . Can’t say enough about it ! I also linked the silk pillow case I use as well. Good luck !

Click Image to Order

Here’s my silk pillow case I also use nightly. Also wash your pillow cases often ! I wash mine probably two times a week. I typically never wash my hair .. haha … sooo I need to keep my pillow case fresh. Plus any bacteria from your face .. ew.. just nice to have a fresh pillow case often. So I wash mine in the morning hang dry it, and by afternoon it’s ready to go back on my bed!

Click image to order my silk pillow case

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