February 5 Top Amazon Finds

That time of the month again! Here are my 5 favorite things from Amazon this month.

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After my bathroom Reno of course i did what any woman would do i got all new stuff! At first i got these for the “oh these will look cute on my counter” but as it turns out not even for cuteness they are so practical! Why didn’t i buy these years ago, new bathroom or not??!! My cousin recently ordered them and she texted me the same thing “ why didn’t I get these sooner”. I love that everything you need daily is right there on your counter, and looks good as well. We use ours for flossers and Q-Tips. Seriously for $14.99 upgrade your bathroom and change your life …haha ok maybe not life changing but for sure better. They come in different sizes but i got this exact set and it fits Q-tips and flosssers perfectly, and i really only needed two so this set worked out perfect for me.

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Seriously this keyboard is heaven. I have purchased others for my ipad that were horrible!! So when i got this i wasn’t expecting much, but love it!! Now this i have had for almost six months now – typing on it as we speak. I went out and purchased a Chrome book thinking i needed to upgrade and needed a computer, well thank god Best Buy returns within 14 days because i hated it! I was like my ipad is way better with my keyboard. So literally best $50 i ever spent and if you or your kids need a “computer” consider getting this first before spending all that money. Holds a charge forever as well. I never charge the damn thing and it just always works! Never looses bluetooth connection either like ones i have had in the past. Just all in all awesome. My friend got exact same one as well as she loves hers too!! I am so thankful i found this. Comes in many colors i have silver she got rose gold and that one is so pretty.

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Wow. This product. So you know when you get done blow drying your hair and those pesky tiny little hairs stick up right at your part?? Clients of mine are always saying “God i hate those little hairs sticking up” Well hellooo DART. You very GENTLY apply this pomade stick ( very light pressure or you will be greasy) to those little hairs and Viola they are gone! This stick is also awesome for slicked back styles, so if your pulling your hair back and have all those little hairs all around your face and cant stand it, well use this baby to get them down. Good for little girls in ballet who need it pulled back into bun. Also great for short mens styles as well. For men you would take the stick and go all over the hair and then kind of mold it into the style you desire. If you have a longer-ish style mens cut this probably wouldnt work, best for men with lets say 1 1/2 inches or less on the top. SO there ya have it multiple ways you can use this great little product. Don’t be fooled by the size this goes a VERY long way -you’ll have it forever. $19

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My mom had these down the shore and i was like I NEED these, so of course i ran and got them like any woman would do. I love these so much. They never ever fall, they blend right into the white subway so they aren’t an eye sore, and its perfect for your loofa or anything you need to hang, maybe a washcloth, my favorite make up remover cloths, you name it. Best $10 dollars you’ll ever spend!

Click image to order Shower Comb I have

LOVE this comb. Have had it for years. Perfect for when conditioner in in hair it glides right through. Also Wet brush brand has a shower hook brush which would be awesome for little girls. Either way always have something in shower to comb through hair while conditioner is on.

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So a friend of mine swears by this brand on Amazon and this particular style as well. Soooo, i finally decided to give them a try. I have to say sunglasses are a hard online buy for the obvious reasons, and I even hate to recommend them here because everyone’s face shapes and preferences are different. BUT ( i know you never start a sentence with but , BUT oh well) these are sooo nice, sounds odd but so comfortable, like a perfect fit, and to top it off Polarized! Lastly only $13 !! So if you loose them you wont be sick over it. I got the tortoise ones (shown above) but i actually kinda wish i went with all black i might just order them next. SO i took them into work to get a few reviews because gals at work are so honest and they all loved them ! So i decided to make them part of this months collection. If this style doesn’t suit you just check out any SOJOS brand sunglasses on amazon.

Happy Shopping -as always i hope you like my recommendations. These are just my own personal opinions and things i have tried and loved and hope that you do as well.

Love, Jo


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