My skin care regime

Here’s literally everything I use. Simple and sweet ! What works for me might not for you but hey worth a shot! I have combination skin more on the dry side and acne prone as well. If that helps! Good luck !

Click to order my make up remover towels I SWEAR BY !

If you tried these make up cloths and don’t like them or you prefer a make up remover I use this and LOVE IT ! It’s also so affordable and lasts FOREVER. Get it, it’s just good to have in addition to the make up remover cloths. Not to be used together though , this make up remover you would use with a cotton pad.

Click to order
Click to order

I love this face wash. It doesn’t remove make up so you need to get my make up remover cloths to remove it first or the make up remover I use sometimes as well with a cotton pad (shown above)

Click to order my scrub I use a few times a week in shower

I at first was like ehh over this product and then I realized – for starters I have had it for a year and I use it often so it’s worth the $20 bucks that’s for sure. Secondly my skin has been great all year so maybe it does work well! So I’m down to the nitty gritty I’ll be ordering more today! I use it a few times a week in shower. Why I’m shower I’m not sure but I do. It has like a cult following on Amazon so I suggest trying it.

Click to order my vitamin e oil

I think the Sister Studio recommended this years ago and I have used it ever since and I LOVE IT. Seriously adore this can’t live without. My sister is also hooked on it now too. I get the Unscented and the 1 ounce bottle probably last me about two months. So you do go through it kind of quickly. I use it morning (tiny bit before make up) and night. I am acne prone and this helps !

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