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I just ordered this grass cloth Wallpaper and oh my god … GORG !!!! It’s peel and stick -it could not have been any easier to put up! Seriously took me about 15 minutes all you need is a pair of scissors and preferably a razor. Upgrade any area of your home instantly. I paid $35 for it but now it’s down to $20 !! Best part is the peel and stick part of it because you can take it down whenever you’re sick of it. For a reference this is the exact color and brand that I purchased. If you’re in doubt order an extra roll.

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Halo bolt . Click image to order

$16.99 but $2 off on amazon click link to order. Awesome mascara for an awesome price! Has a primer on one end and mascara on the other

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How Cute is this suit for only $20!! Comes in three colors. Only bad part takes a few weeks to come in – thank god its January !

January 5 favorite Amazon finds!

Best top coat there is ! Order two ! They are hard to find

Hair product I use every time I wash my hair. Ok I kinda hate reccomendinh hair

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How cute is this top. I will soon post a pic of myself in it, but until then just look at how cute this chic is. Effortless and easy , true to size. Cute if your smaller chested and fine if your lucky enough to be larger chested. Did i really need to write that?? Anyway $20 for a cute top… sold! All the reviews are also awesome. The hardest part is picking a color. I have the color above but i want more… maybe ill do that today.

Air Pod Dupe

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Number one thing i keep hearing kids and adults want for Christmas this year are Air pods. Well i was determined to find a less expensive alternative, for I’m a gal who loves to save a buck. This gem i found on Amazon, for $40bucks !!! You can add a protection plan for three years for $3 dollars which I didn’t do but at that price i kinda wish i did. Might be a good idea if your gifting it to kids. Connects in an instant to your phone, no fidgeting with them to get them to “pair”. Sound quality is also unreal. I took a phone call the other day with them and it was clear as day. Quite frankly for $30 i feel like you cant loose, just order a pair to see for yourself. If your happy with them then you can order more for gifts!

Disclaimer: I have these and LOVE them. So far no issues, BUT its hard to recommend electronics. You just never know. Also please keep in mind these are 40 dollars. I hope you are as happy as i am with mine.

Bluetooth Microphone

Hands down my all time favorite Christmas gift! This microphone connects to your phone and plays what ever song you want. Then you can sign along! All of the volumes adjust, both the music, and you can adjust how loud you want your voice. Always a party favorite! If not for nothing this baby gets loud so it can be used alone as a Bluetooth speaker. Seriously the best gift order it today! You will not be disappointed.