Teen Boy Gift Guide 2019

This one was much requested! This one was a tough one, lets face it guys can be tough to shop for. Girls have so much “stuff” you can buy them, make up, hair, accessories, boys dont have any of that. I correct myself, i did put some hair stuff for boys on here, so thats a good stocking stuffer. Naturally I didn’t put some things like sports equipment because thats very personal to each kid. So if you even just get a few ideas from this list i hope it helps. Good luck!

Click Image to order AirPods

Every kid wants air pods so i guess buck up and get them. Sorry, BUT For those of you who refuse, i included Dupes for you! Now the only thing is the dupes i had are no longer available. A blogger recommended these, so I personally can not vouch for them. They had great reviews.

Click on Image to order AirPod Dupe

Here is the Dupe that has gotten tons of great reviews. So here is my opinion. Over 13- 14 get the real ones any age under that get fake. Boys are reckless. They would loose their head if it wasn’t attached, no offense boys, i have three i know how they operate. They might leave them on the bus and say bye bye to 150 bucks. So for younger boys get the fake ones until they have the maturity to really take care of their stuff. My son is 18 I’m still waiting for that moment…. any day now.

Click image to order AirPod Case (cutest thing i ever saw)

Are these cases the cutest thing you ever saw or what?! Love them! They are only $12 so they make a good stocking stuffer.

Click to order Nike AirPod Case
Click image to order Faux Supreme Sweatshirt

Found this on etsy. I got in with in a week the seller was so nice. Great quality. Order fast because it is coming from London, so I wouldnt chance it waiting too close to Christmas.

Click to order Ethika Underware

Listen i know for one pair of undies these are a little pricey ($15-$25) BUT its all my kids will wear. You know the old expression “Champagne taste with a beer wallet “ well thats us. My son who is 18, who you will never see because he wouldnt be caught dead with me at this stage of life, only wears these, same with my younger two 9 and 7. They are all the rage amongst the boys so just buck up and at least buy ONE pair. They have a million sale options, but be sure to get the polyester ones, the all cotton ones are different and not preferred in my house – of course because they are less expensive !!! Figures! Last note on these they also can double as a rash guard in the summer. BONUS!

Click Image to Order North Face Beanie

I just love these beanies. They are not cheesy, just classic beanie. Both come in like 30 zillion color options so trust me you’ll find one. North Face is $26 Carhartt is $15. Literally pick one and order it , they always need these but don’t always ask for it. Perfect stocking stuffer too.

Click Image To Order Carhartt Beanie
Click on Sweatshirt to order

So literally i went through my “Amazon Orders” and am putting up all the stuff my son personally ordered. I mean guys you wanted teen gift guide well I’m hand delivering to you what a Teen Actually purchased haha . No for real last night he had this on and i was like HUMM i love that it’s going on the teen boy gift guide !

Click Sweatshirt to order

Ok here is yet another top i found in my past orders that he got. Another classic i actually want this for myself or my little boys, ill have to see if it comes in kids. $50 i know a lot for sweatshirt but name brand is what kids want, do I approve, no , but it’s Christmas just buy the damn thing – haha!

Stuff for their Bedroom

Click Image to order Lack Shelf

I know this may seem a weird gift but if you have a shoe lover boy like i do, these are awesome. I got them in a while back and it was the best decision i ever made and he just loved them, and honestly it makes the room look good. Boys never have anything you can put on their walls so this fills a huge space. Maybe start with just two units. You can also just stand them up you don’t HAVE to drill them into the wall. Trust me these are great.

Click image to order Rainbow Flips

Might as well get these now, they will need them for the summer! Then when summer comes they aren’t asking you for the money to get them, make them a gift now! I always like getting summer stuff for Christmas because you can get them what they want but as a gift. Did I really just explain how gift giving works !??! I’m nuts . Anyway you cant go wrong with these classics.

Click on image to order Voice Changer

A friend of mine mentioned that she saw a voice changer in a store and thought maybe it would be a cute Christmas idea. Well i did some lookin around and found this one on amazon for $17. Multiple different voices, you can add background music to your voice, and can hook up to your phone. Its just a fun gift. Maybe now is a good time to admit i ordered it but more for me then the kids, little do they know ill be playing with it all day Christmas morning … stay tuned for some videos of that. Haha

Click image to order Ceiling basketball hoop

Just something different then the usual, this is kinda cool ! $25 fun little add on gift for literally any age.

Click image to order gift set

I love a variety set as a gift. That way they can try all the different ones and see which they prefer. Also a great intro for boys who haven’t used cologne before.

Click image to order Body Spray

I absolutely love this option, for boys who are just getting to that age they want to start “caring” what they look like and smell like. Also because its a quarter of the price of cologne ($24). Also if your kid smells like BO and you need to remedy it this is a subtle way of doing so.. haha. I like the blue one the best but it also comes in other colors/scents as well.

Click image to order Reuzel hair gel

I love this gel, i use it on guys all the time in the salon, we sell a ton of it. Never flakes doesn’t have that super “gelled” look. Just an all around basic gel. Cant go wrong with this stocking stuffer. ($12 )

*You should always get salon hair products at an authorized salon. Both products are available for sale at Gravity Hair Salon. If you cant find one that carries it i provided amazon link.*

Click image to order Reuzel Pomade

Another big seller, that i also love. This is a pomade but not your typical hard to work into the hair pomade. This one works nicely into the hair and easy to manipulate and then your left with a nice hold and a matte finish. Great product for thicker hair that you need a little more hold, or if your son just prefers a pomade. ($19 )

Click image to order UA 64oz. Water bottle

We also have this and love it because of the obvious- they will never run out of water during a game. Especially for tournaments, those brutal long days.

Click on Duffel to order

This is the perfect duffel for a young boy, for overnight trips and/or after school sports. It comes in two sixes x-small and small. So if you only need it for sports I’m sure x-small could do the trick. $35-$45 price point which is great for an Under Armour duffel. Just a good thing to have.

Click image to order Portable Charger

Seriously every single kid needs one of these. We all know the HORROR of a child’s worst nightmare, their phone dying!!!! Horrible. So get them this. They will always have a charger in their school backpack. Perfect gift for anyone honestly – this made the cut ALL my Gift lists for every sex or age. ($25-$35)

Click Image to order Car Charger for Iphone

Another great stocking stuffer for the driver in the house. Always good just to have even if they stick it in their glove compartment they should just have it to be safe so they never run out of a charge – heaven forbid!

Click to order Halo Bolt

Calling new drivers!!! Man this one is SO cool. You can not only charge any devise you have you can also plug something into it and have power for 16 hours. Best part which is why my mom got it for my son, is that you can literally jump your car battery with it with out having some one else there!! I love it just to have for your whole household. Image needing a jump and not having to rely on anyone else. Or power goes out and you can plug a light into this and have light for a few hours. Its awesome it really is. Its also pricey ($110) but for a new driver having that piece of mind i feel like its a great gift. Also like i said its a phone charger as well so need to buy that charger, see that saves you a couple bucks!

Click image to order charging station

This is so popular this season, i think i put it on every guilt guide i did. This particular one is super sleek and classy looking. It also is a fast speed charger which i personally love. This unit is available in three colors and on sale for $25,

Click image to order Charging station

Now this one i feel like i would get a lot more use out of, beings that i have an Apple Watch. I would to be able to charge everything in one unit and maybe even another phone in my house. Great for boys who share a room they can both put their phones on it before bed. Excellent gift at $27 dollars!

Click on Speaker to order

I feel like every single teen asked for this speaker this year. My son has it as well. I like this smaller portable option, BUT a lot of the colors are back ordered at this point. Try and get one before it’s too late!

Found this cool case for it for only $9!

Here is the larger option , also water proof! This is a little more expensive but perhaps they would prefer the larger speaker and this one isn’t sold out. SO pick your poison . Haha

Neat travel case for this model as well. Only $12, and i like that the cords fit in both travel cases as well so you don’t loose them!

Click image to order Nike Tech Fleece Jogger

Here’s another one my son ordered and loved. I just happen to catch the price…ouch . A little pricey for me but they are all the rage and honestly most sizes are sold out. Also yikes. I provided link so you can have it and at least maybe it can redirect you to other pairs that are similar that might have your size. Very popular pant. HOT TIP : if your son is on smaller side maybe try these in BOYS , then they might be cheaper and available in your preferred size.

Click Image to order

Of course every boy wants these. I personally love them myself and of course my son, once again, has these.

Click image to order chin up bar

My son ( and I ) use our chin up bar all the time. Classic one goes over door then you can take it down when not in use. We love it. One of the best exercises for you. Perfect for a teen boys room.

Click image to order punching bag

Another thing we have in my basement and my son uses all the time. If not this consider getting them maybe some weights, just a few things to get them started. Most athletes have gyms at their schools but i always like to have at home equipment as well.

Click on book to order

Now i know this is a little young for most boys that are “teens” but if your reading this and have a 13 year old and he has younger siblings i feel like this could be cute. Boys usually love this nonsense, bathroom humor. Just a cute stocking stuffer i figured i would add.

Click image to order bedroom door sign

Just another funny little gag gift. $12