White Elephant Gift Ideas

How hard is it to find a unisex gift?! Very! So i took the guess work out of it for you. I composed a list of a few ideas I think would be cool for both men and women, adults and kids. Now keep an open mind, some of the ideas are small in price so you would make a theme out of it. For example i found water proof playing cards, perfect for the beach, so you could add beach towels, towel clips, a beer can hider, you name it, and make a beach theme gift! Pretty much everything is under $25. Good luck and i hope you get some good ideas.

Click image to order Yeti Beer cooler

Add a case of beer to this and your set!

Here is another funny cute way to hide your beer at the beach!

Click to order Coffee Mug

Add some Teas and maybe a bag of coffee to this and your set. Of course a Dunkin or Starbucks gift card would be perfect too. This mug is only $15 so then you can spend some extra on a gift card.

Click to order my all time fave Water bottle

I have this, and husband does as well and neither one of us can live with out it. When i asked him if he was in a general Pollyanna what would he want he said my water bottle. SO there you have it!

Click to order Smaller portable charger $15
Click to order portable charger $25

Who couldn’t use these. They are a life saver! I provided two sizes and price points depending on your party specifics you decide what works better for you.

Click to order worlds smallest Speaker

I mean i cant. How cute is this speaker? I have a teeny tiny speaker, and wow does it put out some noise! You’ll be shocked how loud these little guys are. They are also a cute conversation piece. $15.

Click to order charging Pad

How awesome is this. Go to bed charging all your stuff in one shot. $27, great for anyone!

Click to order Bluetooth Microphone

Well obviously i had to include this. My favorite gift ever! It’s a little more at $32. But i think well worth the little extra!

Click image to order Funny oven mit

Couldn’t ya die , i love this hahaha !!!! Perfect to add some stuff to grill, or cooking utensils to complete the gift. They are tons of different options of funny sayings , but of course i picked this one beings that its the most fitting. $12

Click image to order pistachio bowl

Such a unique gift! Pair with a big bag of pistachios and your set! ( Thanks Justin ! )

Click image to order Cherry Pitter

A cherry pitter ?! Sign me up! It also does six at a time, double whammy. Only $10 so add a Williams Sonoma, Trader Joe’s, Bed bath and beyond gift card to this and BAM done!!

Click to order Milk Frother

How nice would it be to have hot foam right at home! Froths your milk for your coffee and heats it up and is affordable ! Whoo-hoo … again add a bag of coffee or coffee gift card and your set! ($36)

Click to order Jelly of the Month Club Tee

How fun is this tee. Add these glasses to it for the ultimate National Lampoon Christmas gift !

Click on MUG to order

Love these !! So funny. Great gift.

Click image to order Home Alone tee shirt

Home Alone will always and forever be my favorite Christmas movie.

Click to order Home alone tee

Ok ok – This is it for the movie tee shirts i just thought they were funny so i added them. “Its my blog and ill post if i want to !!”

Click to order Waterproof Playing Cards

I’m totally getting these as stocking stuffers. Its intended for around the pool or beach but i just love them for everyday play! $5.

Click to order my personal Sonicare toothbrush

Seriously your teeth aren’t clean without this. Its the exact model i have and have been using for the last 18 years of my life, literally can not live with out it. $22 dollars of pure heaven. My husband and kids have the QUIP toothbrush and LOVE it , i personally think its a glorified battery powered toothbrush. This Sonicare is the way to go trust me , one thing i know is teeth.

How many times have you lost the remote, your keys, your purse, you name it! This is a key finder that comes with six “tabs” if you will. They can be placed on anything and when your screaming and cursing that your late for work where the beep are your keys you click a button and it dings them! Jackpot. I know my kids are always loosing the remotes so people tape them to the back of their remotes to locate them….um pure genius . $26.

Click image to order my pillow

Literally another item i can not live with out. I would say go with the medium fill size or firm. Can not tell you how much i love this! When i vacation i hate not having my My Pillow. Its the best!

Click to order Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror is awesome. It is super lightweight and has three different light settings and three different magnification mirrors as well. I Love this !!! Perfect if its an all girls white elephant party. $25