Just Lips

HA! “Just Lips” i was trying to think of a catchy Tagline for this category, but came up with, well nothing, so i went with “just lips” soooo catchy and original. I need a job in marketing, I would be hired in a minute. Anyway….. here’s all my lip color options that i love, try one, try them all, try none! Haha

Lip Scrubs

First off you need nice lips so I always in the morning when doing my make up use a lip scrub. Trader Joe’s has my all time fave but its only available for a very limited time around then holiday season, so run and get one like ..now! Two of them will literally last you an entire year. I get myself two and I just opened the second box maybe a month ago.

Found great alternative that came highly recommended from a friend and is also super cheap. It’s a scrub for gods sake no need to spend a fortune on this it all does the same damn thing trust me. Also comes in different “flavors”. A good organic option for kids with those chapped lips in the winter.

Click Image to order Lip scrub $10

Lip Treatments

Click image to order my fave lip balm

My sis is lucky enough to fly first class often.. i know my life is so lame. Any who, they give out little make up bags with lots of goodies in it.. i know amazing right. So she has so many of them she always gives me the extras and this lip gloss is one of them that that gift. I lOVE it !!! I’m hooked. So it is a little pricey $14 is a lot for me to spend on lip balm/gloss but i liked it that much that i paid for it. Little goes a long way and will last you awhile.

Click Image to order Overnight Lip Treatment

I also use this before bed it works wonders if your lips are in bad shape. I also use it on the kids as well. Very hard to find in stores, so i provided link to Amazon. This is a good one for winter months.

Available only at your local Trader Joe’s

I also love this, comes in a set of three perfect to keep one in car, purse, work. The entire set is so cheap like $4 buck i think. Available all year long at Tarder Joes.

Now to the good stuff the lip colors ……

Lip Color ( gloss and lipstick )

Click image to order my fave lip gloss trio

My two favorite colors from this one are Creme Brûlée , and Angel food both of which are in this trio! Also hard to find both in stores so just save yourself the trouble and get the set.

Click to order L’Oréal Peach Fuzz

I love this color. When i first put it on i was like .. Eh… then it grew on me and now i love it!!! You just need a quick swipe over your lips thats all. It’s so pretty !

Click to order Pink Wink Lip color

Now this color is a pretty winter color. Like the perfect berry ish color. It’s pops a punch so again, you just need a little bit. The perfect compliment to any holiday outfit. Would be great for brunettes and blondes in my opinion. Also super affordable at $5.00.

Click to order MAC Brave Lip color

Hands down best universal color. If your worried about the other two go with this one, although it is more money at $25 a pop, so it is taking a risk. I provided the link but if there is a MAC counter at a store near you i recommend going there and they can try it out on you and then if you don’t like it hey no sweat off you back! I love this color, its always a classic all year long.

I know i know everyone makes fun of me that i do not use lip liners. SO i went out and found one i like but i will say it wont blow your socks off …haha … none the less its good and does the job and best of all i super affordable.

Click image to order Lip Liner

NYX lip liner in Whipped Caviar. I love this lip liner. Affordable and great color with out being too much. This i will put on then one of the NYX lip glosses. Looks great and natural

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