Men’s Gift Guide

Click Image to order Carhartt Hat
Click image to order gloves

These have tons of great reviews! I ordered a pair for my son who works outside. They are perfect for outdoor work around the house, they aren’t super super warm but water replant palm, and thick enough to save you from thorns or scratches. Perfect work glove – great gift from kids to dad. Price point for these are $16 dollars and are available in 4 colors !

Click Image to order North Face driving gloves

These are more of a going out/ everyday glove. These have the smart phone touch on the tips of the gloves. These can be worn with a dress coat to go out, or just with a puffy coat and jeans. These are a very nice, classy gift for that special guy in your life.

Click to order North Face Coat

Now i know this one is a little pricey, coming in at around $190. Listen this will be the big gift. This is one for the entire winter, not some wimpy coat. If your man is into outdoor winter activities this is the coat for him. For snow shoveling, tailgating, for everyday to work, this can even be worn for a nice night out with jeans and a dress shirt. He will have this for years. It’s a timeless coat. Treat yo man to something nice.

Click Image to Order Yeti Beer Colster

I gifted this to my husband last year for his birthday and now he cant live without it- well i mean he could he just really likes it. Anywho, he says it truly works to keep his beer cold. Also good option for you soda drinkers out there.

Click image to order Bottle Keeper

Now this gem is so cool. As seen on Shark Tank. It twists off from the bottle and you slip your beer bottle in. Keeps it nice and cold, and disguises the beer bottle if your lets say on a beach where no drinking is allowed. This is a great gift idea, its unique and different , and most likely they won’t already have it. Really cool invention. Comes in various colors and price is $34.99.

Click Image to Order my FAVE and Husbands FAVE water bottle

Ok this is last “bottle” type gift i promise, but I saved the best for last! This water bottle both my husband and i have used for years now. It is simply the best. I have recommended it to many people and they also always agree. No straws to clean, wide opening for ice if you desire, keeps cold for 24 hours even in 100 degree day. Never spills, has a handle, has a cover for where you sip out of. All in all don’t look around for another water bottle, just stop what your doing and order yourself one and that special man in you life. TRUST ME!!!

Click Image to Order Ugg Men’s Slipper (indoor /outdoor)

Funny enough both my husband and my friends husband both have these both LOVE them and have both had them for years and held up awesome. So when it came time to make this list we both said these HAD to be on it. Worth every penny. Comes in so many color options, and suede or leather. So many options to suit your mans taste. Her husband has leather, mine suede, and both equally held up great. Perfect for the winter months.

Click for link to Target website – Goodfellow V-neck Tee (undershirt)

These are hands down THE best undershirt at a fraction of the price of name brand. Only problem is they sell out quickly, so get them while you can! V-neck is popular because then you don’t see the undershirt under your dress shirt. If you cant decided crew neck or V i say go with the V-neck. These are insanely soft too!!!

Click image to Order Ethika underware

Now don’t be turned off by the look of these. They are all the rage in men’s boxer brief. Even my kids ONLY wear Ethika underware. As a side note they can also be worn as rash guards under bathing suits. Now they come in cotton, but you want to order this exact type. The print ones are made out of Polyester and this is the type you want to get. So insanely comfortable, feels like second skin….so i have been told. Although I haven’t had personal experience with them haha

Click image to order Patagonia sweater

Classic for any man. Comes in so many colors you can’t go wrong with this gift. Backcountry (link provided just click on image) has them for 30 percent off, $70 dollars from $100 . Now that’s my kinda deal. Great for teen boys as well.

Click for link to Nike Vapor Power Duffel

I like this one because there is a lot of room and pockets. Also can be crossbody or use the handles. Perfect for the gym or can even be used as an overnight bag as well. Also its a gym bag that isn’t “cheesy” looking.

J.Crew Magic Wallet

Click to order J. Crew Magic Wallet

My husband has had this wallet for years and LOVES it. That’s all. Haha Just kidding, no he really loves it and has been through the washer and held up just fine. After all these years the elastic to hold the money still holds strong. Just a nice inexpensive gift ($21) maybe from child to Dad.

Click image to order Magnet money Clip

Now this is a great alternative for men who do not like a wallet. Comes in three color options. Is magnetic so it stays shut. Tons of great reviews and best part only $10 dollars! Now if only i had that many hundreds in my money clip…i would really be in good shape. !

Click Image to order Safe (water and Fire prof)

I did some research and this is not only fire proof but water as well. I like the key pad entry. It’s a little pricey at $160, but i looked around and to find the water and fire prof this is the going rate. Fear not i found an excellent alternative below if your just looking for something for your family’s documents etc. Now its not a safe but it will protect against fire and water damage, but naturally not theft.

Click Image to order fire and water prof bags for important documents

I personally love this option, so much so that I ordered one for myself. I have been saying i needed something like this for a long time. Plus not for noting you’ll always know where your Birth certificates, social security cards, etc., are. These are priced fabulously at $20. Now that can’t be beat!

Click image to order Yeti Dupe cooler

Found this Yeti dupe at a fraction of the price! I love that you can hold it over the shoulder and as a handle, thats a nice feature that is sometimes overlooked. Holds a 30 pack of beer, now thats with out ice, but none the still a nice size. Great for the beach, Fourth of July, outdoor picnics, you name it! Price point is $65 bucks talk about a steal!

Click to order Ice Scrapper

These ice scrappers are a fan fave at my house! The cone shape makes it so easy to blow through the ice on your windshield. No more scrapping with those terrible plastic scrappers. The other end has tiny spikes to break up the ice then you take the cone to scrape the rest away. $10 for two so one for you and one for your Hubby.

Click to order Yeti Mug

I have this one at home and use it everyday. My husband and i fight over it most days. Don’t tell him i got him one in the navy color for Christmas, Shhh. You can literally walk away from your coffee for an hour come back and it still be hot. I love this one because of the handle it makes you feel like your still drinking out of a coffee mug. This is well worth the name brand for it will only set you back $25. If this is still too much to spend check out my Gifts Under $12, and there is an excellent dupe of this on there. Lastly – did you see – dishwasher safe . Say no more.

Tailgating Grill

Click image to order tailgating grill

This is a tailgaters dream! We recently went to Penn Sate for a football game and a friend of ours had this. It was so amazing to watch him whip up breakfast, then lunch as well all on this little griddle. Then turns out my son went out and bought the exact same one for himself. It’s perfect for camping, tailgating, picnics. super compact and easy to clean. This is the 17” model for $70, there is a larger 22” one available as well for $120. Link I provided is for the 17” model. If you don’t believe me yet it has fabulous reviews on Amazon.

Click image for website

Came highly recommended!! Waterproof electric razor for your unmentionables. I know it’s not your everyday gift but seriously men need this! The trimmer is $50 but you can get this entire gift set for $75, includes the trimmers, boxers, and two shaving products. If you don’t need all the extra stuff just go with the razor it self for $50.

Click to order My personal favorite men’s gel

If asked the most universal Men’s gel to recommend it would be this. It has a nice hold with out being SO stiff, and enough hold were it doesn’t feel like there is noting in your hair at all. Also never leaves white flakes. Stays all day, with out looking so “gelled “. I sell so much of this in the salon. If your man doesn’t prefer a gel look below for my favorite pomade option!

Click image to order pomade

Love this! Nice hold, Matte finish. Great for guys who prefer a stronger holding pomade with a matte look. Little goes a long way. Really work it into the hair then style as usual. Another popular item at the salon i work at. If your salon carries it i always recommend purchasing from a salon, but if all else fails i provided link to order.

Click image to order Pistachio Bowl

I know this is a quirky one BUT first time i saw this I was like this is so cool!!! It’s essentially a bowl in a bowl, one for your shelled Pistachios and the shells get thrown into the bottom bowl. So neat, i love this gift and i know not all men love pistachios but a lot DO so makes a cute gift with a big bag of pistachios. Good for Grandfather gift. ($12 )

I keep hearing every guy wants these this year. Personally I love my dupe better which is on my website , BUT since some people prefer the name brand product (which i totally understand) i added this to the list. I didn’t provide the link because you should get them directly from apple if you ask me.
Click image to Order Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is a well know, and trusted, Bluetooth speaker. don’t believe me check out the 7,000 reviews on Amazon. My son loves his JBL speaker. This one is waterproof! Sooo think by the pool, on the beach, lake side, while tailgating, that special someone will get a lot of use out of this. Always a great gift idea.

Click image to order

Boy wouldn’t it be so nice to not have to have someone come “give you a jump” if your battery dies. Well the WeeGo to the rescue! This tool allows you to jump start your car without the need of another car. Trust me i have been in this position many times and i wish i had this. Makes a great gift for a new driver. Good to have in any home. $50. For this size but there are larger sizes available as well.

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