12 Days of Christmas Under $12!

Looking for a little gift for someone, or for great stocking stuffers, this list is for you. I personally have pretty much all of these gifts myself and love them ! Also these gifts make great add on gifts to a gift card to make it feel more personal. Happy Shopping!

#1- Microwave Heating Pad

Click image to purchase

We are always fighting over this one in my house! It is so wonderful to have in those winter months. Pop in microwave for a few minutes and you are all set. It’s awesome for kids too, mine love it. Also good for injuries in place of a traditional plug in heating pad, this you can walk around with! Lastly it’s perfect for those cold days your stuck outside watching your kids sporting events where electricity isn’t an option.

https://amzn.to/32olFWMMicrowave Heating Pad

#2- Car Ice Scraper

Oh my. This one is awesome. Gone are the days with those horrid ice scrapers!! This baby works so quickly and so much easier then the traditional. Makes a great gift for men too- because they are always so hard to buy for. (In my opinion) Also think about new drivers. This plus a few other car items, maybe a gas gift card, would make an awesome gift for a teen! Man am i full of great ideas or WHAT!


Click image to purchase

#3- Travel Cosmetic Bag

Here i provided Two options! This first one is on the smaller side perfect for make up and creams (for its lined inside ) and of course travel size products.

Click image to purchase

How awesome are these and only $12 for TWO of them! So think if you have two daughters what a great gift. Perfect to gift alone or if you want to fill it with makeup, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, hairspray etc. I would love this as a gift filled with various toiletries. Such a great idea because it’s a gift in a gift!

Option #2 – Another fan favorite

Click Image to Purchase Travel Bag

This option is a lot roomier with more compartments which is really nice and also right around $12 dollars. This one a few of my friends also have and LOVE it.

#4- Initial Necklace

Click Image to purchase

I personally have this and love it. I just love the look of it. Initial necklaces are so in right now and this one is just different, which I love. For $12 dollars even if you wear it for a year who cares ! I wear mine all the time and I’m always getting compliments.

Below you can find an alternative idea for initial necklace, younger girls seem to love this look (featured below). This one is only$9 dollars. Is this awesome or what?! https://amzn.to/33AyHlH

Click Image to purchase

#5- Yeti Tumbler Dupe

Click image to purchase

Please don’t fall for the name brand. I’m not knocking Yeti by any means, i believe they have an amazing product trust me. What i will say is you can spend half the price and get literally the exact same product! This baby can be yours for $12 bucks !!!

My husband and i like our coffee as hot as the second its poured and this mug will do just that! It’s crazy how hot it keeps it and for how LONG it keeps it hot is also shocking to me. We cant live with out ours. Another perfect gift for someone you might not know what to get them. Pair this with some coffee, tea bags, hot cocoa, and you got yourself an adorable little gift. *Think neighbor, bus drivers, dog walkers.


#6- Best Hair Ties

Grab and Go Hair Ties -Click image to purchase

I literally asked teenagers what their all time favorite hair tie is and this always was the answer. *Now here’s what i came up with. *If you have fine hair or medium thick hair these are for you. If you are on the thicker curlier hair side (like myself ) i prefer the Invisibobble Hair tie provided below. So with that being said use your best judgement on what would be best for the recipient !

Thick Hair – Click image to order

#7- Kids Gift – Fun Gloves for winter

Click Image For ages 4-8 Size Gloves

How fun are these ?! Check out this kid in the picture i find it hilarious. Anyway – Just something different then your everyday set of gloves. $10 for the set. I always love gifting something unique. Apparently these are all the rage this year.

Click Image for Kids 10 & Up Size Gloves

#8- Make Up Remover Cloths – Reusable!

Make up remover (reusable cloth) Click Image to order


Ladies these are a dream! Can’t believe they actually work. I was skeptical at first let me be honest. After i used them once i was in heaven. All natural way of removing make up because all you do is wet towel (with very warm water -my personal recommendation) and remove all the days make up! Then throw in washer and dryer to clean that’s it . (NO special cleaning instructions just add to your regular load of wash. ) Comes in different set amounts – so you can order just a few to try or just go for the set of 5 and gift out to girlfriends.

#9- Cute Beanie

Click image to purchase

Now this is an awesome option ill tell you why. One, its $12 dollars, and two it literally comes in about 100 color combinations, and three, the Pom Pom is detachable !! Great universal gift that anyone could use no matter what age. If the Pom Pom isn’t for them they can simply remove it no problem.

#10 -One Line A Day Book

Click image to purchase book

Now this one I have to explain. Each day you jot down a sentence or two about your day. Something funny your kids said that you don’t want to forget. Something special you want to remember about that day. Then each year when you open to that date you’ll see it again and always have that memory. Such a sweet gift idea, especially for Moms who want to remember special moments when their kids are little.

Here is an example of what the pages in the book look like to give you a better idea of how the book works.

#11 -Best Cozy Socks

Click On (Weird) Image to purchase – ha!

Let me start by saying these are AMAZING!! My husband gifted these to me a few years back since I’m always cold, and i have to be honest at first i was like oh wow thanks socks- haha! Well let me tell you these turned out to be one of my all time favorite gifts. I literally use them every single day instead of slippers. Slippers you typically cant wash – these are just socks so i throw them in washer no problem. Now i will say they are very thick you can’t wear them in shoes, but you could wear them in boots if your going out to play in snow or shovel etc. Excellent stocking stuffer!

#12- Wet Brush FLEX DRY

Click Image to Order

Literally … GAME CHANGER!! This brush is different from your traditional wet brush. The “flex” part of its allows you to go through the hair with absolute ease, getting down to the scalp as opposed to just the surface of the hair. If your mornings are filled with tears and screaming matches between you and your daughter, click BUY NOW right away !!! Ha! This $8. Dollar brush will change your life. If not for you, gift it to someone who needs their life changed.

Available with a hook for the shower !!! Click Image to order
This is awesome- I didn’t even know this was available- game changer !

Bluetooth Microphone

Hands down my all time favorite Christmas gift! This microphone connects to your phone and plays what ever song you want. Then you can sign along! All of the volumes adjust, both the music, and you can adjust how loud you want your voice. Always a party favorite! If not for nothing this baby gets loud so it can be used alone as a Bluetooth speaker. Seriously the best gift order it today! You will not be disappointed.

I truly hope that you found this helpful and that you love all of these products as much as i do. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. Remember RELAX it will all get done, and always remember to enjoy the time together with your friends and family.

Happy Holidays,



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