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Vitamin E oil I use nightly

I’ve been using this for about eight months now and absolutely love it. This was recommended by another blogger and was skeptical at first and now I’m obsessed. While away a friend used it one night and loved it. I definitely still suffer from me from time to time but haven’t had any issues since I started using this. Not all are created equal so make sure you buy this exact one. They have many different variations of vitamin E this one is 100% pure . I also get the unscented. I hope you love it as much as I do -I use it morning and night!

Amazon Find

Sneakers -Comfortable, inexpensive, and adorable!

I love these! I have had many different types of this shoe. This one takes the cake ! As soon as you slip these on you’ll be shocked they are only $25 dollars !!! 😱 I also wear orthotics in my shoes and most shoes don’t fit it. These do perfectly . I have spent a lot more money on this exact style shoe but look no further. They are available in a variety of colors and fabrics- it’s hard to pick just one !!