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Kids are so hard to buy for these days. They want for nothing, sadly. So i made this list with a few things they might actually “need” as well as some frivolous “wants” as well. This list is for both boys and girls. Happy shopping!

We have this water bottle (64 oz) and love it! Comes in a variety of colors so if you have multiple boys, or girls, you can get them each their own colors. Sharpie your last name on it and your set for the next sporting event! $25

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Here is another smaller scale water bottle we also have and use often. This one is 32oz. And maybe better suited for smaller kids. This one also available in multiple colors. Price varies by color selection. ($9-$19)

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Here is a small scale duffle bag, again comes in a variety of colors for both boys and girls. It’s a great overnight duffle, for a week at the shore, or to throw sports stuff in. I love this one because its not huge and over powering for little ones to carry. $35

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Ok – we know every kid wants those LED lights for their room, heard it one to many times in my house. I bring you a nice alternative. We have this and it’s actually really nice and soothing looking, and no need to set up any lights it’s just a projector! Comes in Blue, green, and purple. $59.

Click on image to order Galaxy Light Projector ($59.)

Here are the classic LED lights that most kids (well all Kids) are asking for.

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Another classic that my kids use literally everyday – the Mini Indoor Basketball Hoop! They love it, and never tire of it. This one is so cool looking and comes with two balls. Bonus- it’s available in a variety of colors, for both boys and girls.

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Another color option- they have more as well

Sick of loosing your kids their basketball?? Cant miss this one! Also available in various colors for both genders.

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These walk-in talkies go up to two miles in range! They are great if your kids are just starting to walk to a neighbors house and you want to be able to get a hold of them. Also good for if they just wanna play together. $35

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For the reader in the family this is a must have! When “lights out” happens but your child still wants to stay up and read this clip on light does the trick. I have even used it a few times as well. $9.99 – Great stocking stuffer!

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Here is another fun stuck in the house project. Kids rip everything open so quickly, and a few days later they are bored already. That’s when you open this gift up!

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My kids have this electric scooter and LOVE it. We even use it when we go down the shore. It’s a great gift for the whole family. I have personally been caught using this one too many times – haha – its so much fun and super easy to throw in the back of the car and take along to the bike path if you wanted to. Personally a great family gift.

Click on Image to order Electric Scooter ($139.)

This is still and always will be one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive! This is loads of fun for the entire family. Trust me it will be a crowd favorite – any age any gender. This is the upgraded version, but there are 1000s of options on Amazon and available in a variety of colors.

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This is a must have for all pre teen kids. They love these little speakers. They can clip onto their backpacks or bike handles. Bonus they are WATERPROOF! How great is that. Great gift idea and also available in a variety of colors. Prices vary from ($29. – $50 depending on color selection )

Click on image to order JBL Speaker ( prices vary – $29-$50)

Fitbit for kids makes a great gift idea!! Also a great way to get kids moving, when we are stuck inside these winter months. You can make daily move goals for them and reward them. Sale price is only $49! Grab them now. Available in a variety of colors.

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Classic must have gift – Gloves! Comes in a variety of colors.

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Don’t forget to get your kids a sled! I personally found this one to be funny and cute. I always like finding regular gifts, but with a little unique flair to it. I think this one fits the bill! Also comes in unicorn, and reindeer options as well.

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Whatever you do BUY this pump!! We have one and seriously you will use it year round. It is NOT a gift for kids, BUT you will need it for both blow up pools in summer, to air mattresses, to snow tubes in the winter. It’s just a must have in your house.

click on image to order pump ($12)

Consider gifting an electric toothbrush for a stocking stuffer. I personally swear by Sonicare only, but my kids cant stand it. They prefer the quip. Makes a good filer gift, and comes in a variety of colors. $49.

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