Teen girl gift guide

So with the help of my nieces and their friends (Thanks girls!) i decided to make a list of ideas for the teen girl in your life. Now take into consideration that some of these may not be for ALL ages. Teen is a wide range of ages so use your judgement. At the very least I’m sure you’ll get a few ideas out of this list. Be sure to share link with Aunts, Grandmom, friends, so they can get some ideas as well. Good luck and happy shopping!

Let’s start with “Beauty / hair ” gifts ….

Click Image to order Lip Gloss

My personal to go color is Creme Brûlée. I love this lip gloss and its simple and neutral for a young girl who is just getting started with make up. Also i provided a set of three which also includes my fave color as well!

Click to order Set of 3 NYX lip gloss
Click to order Grab and Go’s (For Medium -Thinner hair)
Click Image to order (For thick hair option)
Click to order 20 Pack Velvet Scrunchies
Click to Order Revlon One step styler

This is an awesome tool for both adults and young kids. This is a brush and blow dryer in one so you no longer need two hands to do your hair. Makes it a great option for a young girl who is just learning how to style her hair. Also super affordable at $40 dollars! I will say one thing, this is not for someone with the following: very curly hair extremely thick hair, or very long hair. Works best on Short above shoulder hair medium, long-ish hair ( if their hair is to their butt this is not going to work for them ) Hey Worst comes to worst if they don’t like it you keep it – win win !!

TWO options for straighteners

Option 1 – CHI $50

I provided link to amazon to purchase but i heard Ulta usually has Christmas sales around the holidays, and possibly available in some fun colors! Excellent for all hair types.

Click Image to order $50 dollar CHI Straightener

Option #2 – Babyliss Pro Titanium

Now this baby is another excellent option if you’re looking to upgrade whatever straightener your daughter currently has. If she has extremely curly, frizzy, thick, hair this option might be a better fit. Now the price point is higher here but trust me on this. Although I love to save a buck anywhere i can, one area you can not skimp on is hair tools. Especially if you have the types i listed above. You are going to need to spend a little more. Plus lets face it do you really want to hear your daughter yelling “ this straightener sucks, why did you get me this, i hate my hair “ so on and so forth … just to name a few complaints. Now isn’t not hearing your daughter not complain worth any amount of money ??!! I thought so. Your welcome .

Click to order Babyliss Pro Straightener $139.

Hot Iron Stand for Vanity/Dresser

For that daughter that burnt her dresser one too many times by leaving her straightener or curling iron on it, this is for you!!!

Click to order – Flat iron/ Curling iron Stand $9.99

Curling Iron – Babyliss Pro

Click Image to order 1 1/4” Curling Iron

Order 1” for shoulder length and above

Order 1 1/4” for anything below shoulders (link provided)

Click to order MUST HAVE styler/detangler

MUST READ! My personal recommendation is to ALWAYS use some type of heart protectant when using hot tools on your hair. Sadly the biggest abusers of hot tools are young girls. They go over the same sections of hair over and over again causing damage to their hair. Please whatever you do make sure they are using a heat protectant. Now this is what i use everyday and the reason I’m recommending it is because its “universal “ if you will. It’s very hard to recommend hair products because everyone hair is so different. That being said this one i feel like is perfect because it will not only detangle their hair, anti static, anti frizz, heat protectan, and a whole list of other things it does! Tell them to put a few sprays in WET hair then brush with the wet brush ( featured below) and they are set – its all they will need. GET THIS!!!!

Click to order shower wet brush flex
Click Image to order Classic Wet Brush Flex
Click to order headband to wash face

This is soo cool. Almost like a large scrunchie. You slip it over your hair to act as a headband to keep your hair back while washing your face. $12. Dollars great for mom and daughter. Machine wash and dry.

Click to go to Color Street Website

How cool would it be to never see your daughter with nail polish in her room ever again! Well Color Street to the rescue! These are nail color “sheets” if you will, that you apply to each nail and file off the excess. No polish at all! Comes in classic colors, patterns, holiday, you name it they make it! This is a great alternative to nail polish for young girls how haven’t quite “mastered” the art of polishing nails. Excellent stocking stuffer!

Fashion Section

Click Image to order Nike Shorts

Who doesn’t still love Nike classic Tempo shorts. I loved these when i was 20 and still do now! So it makes me happy yo hear young girls still always wear and love these. My personal fave is the all white.

Click to order classic Nike Sports bra

This has also always been a favorite of mine. Now that being said i am NOT a busty gal…haha… sooo take that into consideration. I cant personally say how well these are for larger chested gals. This is a classic and a favorite of mine.

Nike Air Force 1

Click for Nike Link

This was top on the Teen list but i have to be honest one thing i do not know is cool sneakers. Word on the street is these are where its at. I would casually try to mention to your Teen if they like these and or prefer a color etc. That’s all I got on it one.. sorry !

Nike Air Max

Another one i have no clue about but also very popular. Sneakers are a tough one because they are so personal. See below- way too many options to pick for you, this one you’ll have to decide on your own.

Checkered Vans

Click image to order. True to size
I personally have this color and always get compliments on them !

Aerie Leggings

Click to order leggings

Literally yo can NOT go wrong with anything from Aerie. All else fails go to Aerie and buy anything and your teen will love it trust me. These leggings are my personal FAVORITE. Have them in every color and i adore them. I wear a medium, so the XXS would literally fit a 12 year old. They run on the smaller side so you can order for young girls as well.


Click Image to order Lululemon Dupe Leggings

Another legging i own and LOVE. These are another fan favorite. If not for your Teen get them for YOU! These are a little thicker then the ones listed above which I like. Has side pockets as well. Machine wash hang dry. I do not dry my leggings, thats just my recommendation. I have size small and they are a just right.

Click to order Pullover Sherpa

I want this for myself! My sister has it and LOVES IT. Said best purchase ever, so naturally now I’m getting myself one. Due to the oversized i would personally size WAY down! Sherpa anything is very in right now.

Click to order Sherpa

This option is more affordable and comes in sooo many color options!

Super cute Pj pants – click for link

How cute are cozy are these! I love that they come in so many different color options! Like I said before anything from Aerie is good for teens and honestly for me too Incase your looking to get me something this holiday season 😉

Best sweatpants hands down !!

Best sweats ever!!! I wear them to bed every night ( well every night they are clean) sold out in grey color but lots of other great options. Size down!


Click to order charging pad

Another HOT item this holiday. A few of the girls I surveyed asked for this wireless charging pad. Great to your nightstand. Very popular item.

Click to order Portable Charger

Is there anything worse in a teens life then when their phone is DYING???!!!! AHHHH the horror!!!! This device can be thrown into their backpack so no matter what they will always have a back up to charge their device. My friend Lisa recommended this to me she has one and so does all her family members. Said she cannot live without it. So thank you to Lisa for saving the day on this one! Might want to order more then one.. this is great for boy, girl, Mom, Dad, whomever!!

Click to order Ipad Keyboard (personal one i own)

I ran out and purchased a Chrome book for myself, I was not impressed. So much so that i returned it back to Best Buy. In the meantime i said let me try ordering another Ipad keyboard. I ordered one from Amazon years ago that was sooo horrible. It would always disconnect, it was so awful i had to return that too. SO i did some research and found this one and I AM OBSESSED!!! I literally use it everyday- using it now actually hahah. My friend ordered the same one as well, per my recommendation and equally loves it. You charge it once it lasts forever. So if your not ready to commit to a laptop this is an excellent option for a quarter of the price!


Pura Vida Bracelets

Click to order Pura Vida Bracelet – $9 each

I would order a few of these. Around $9 each. Girls like to stack these on their arm which is why i said get a few. Below i found an excellent Pura Vida Dupe as well! Maybe mix and match some fake some real ones. Just an idea.

Click to order – 3 pack Pura Vida DUPE for $7!
Click to order make up organizer (travel or home)

Sick of seeing your daughters make up all over the place?! Well here I provided two options for you! Pictured above is more for travel, and can be used at home. Below is one to keep on vanity at home.

Click to order Vanity Organizer $9

This option is also great for nail polish, cotton balls, nail polish remover. You can even fill this with make up and brushes and make a pretty gift !!! Comes in larger sizes too. I just did the small option for teens because they usually don’t have too much make up.

Click to order 3 drawer Organizer

I have this on my vanity and love it! $18 dollars. I keep clips, extra makeup, cotton balls, etc. I have it in the Blush color but does come in other colors as well.

Click to order initial necklace

Another fan favorite but at a fraction of the price of Anthropologie. Like I said before it’s never a good idea to spend a lot on kids, this one is around $9 dollars so if they loose it or break it you wont be so devastated.

Click to order water bottle stickers (young teen)
Click to order “THE Office” water bottle stickers

The MUST have Hydro Flask water bottle

Click to order Hydro Flask

Found an excellent Hydro Flask Dupe !

Click to order dupe! Comes in solid colors as well

Perfect Hydro Flask dupe! Especially if you get the stickers you can simply cover the name brand and no one will have a clue its not a real Hydro Flask.

Click to order overnight duffel

How cute is this overnight bag. Perfect for sleepovers and a week down the shore. Super lightweight and roomy. Loads of colors to choose from and best part only $30 dollars !!

Click to order duffel

Here is option 2 – has more pockets and more of a canvas sturdy material. Little higher price point but wanted to put a more “luggage” type of duffel as well. You choose what’s best for your teen recipient .

Click image for Cozy Sherpa blanket

Wow . Available in multiple colors. Also available in twin, queen, and king. This so a dream come true blanket ! Perfect for any teen room or at the end of her bed. So cute. Let be serious don’t expect her to ever fold it or put it where it’s supposed to be. Haha !